Animate Me: a contemporary romance novel

Animate Me - Ruth Clampett

Animate Me by Ruth Clampett


“And all of the scientific data, statistical facts and empirical evidence can't compete with the indefinable heart's desire. For if in the end, she loves you, and she chooses you…none of the rest of this will matter.”


Animate Me is the quirky, unique tale of Nathan, an animator at Sketch Republic. He has been hopelessly, desperately in love with the Director of Development, Brooke for years. So in love, in fact, that he's likened the character of his indie comic book series, The Adventures of B-Girl, after her. Only she's dating the uber douche, Arnauld, who also happens to be President of their company.


One day, Nathan gets up the balls to do something nice: he brings her coffee. What starts out as a simple gesture unfolds in ways he could have never even imagined. He ends up bringing her coffee every day, drawing little animations on the cup, which Brooke loves. Their relationship progresses and Nathan, desperate to be with her, fakes a relationship with his coworker, Dani, to get Brooke to teach him some 'moves' for her. Which, surprisingly enough for me, turned out to be totally hot. We know I love my alpha males, but hot damn for some reason this nerd just had something about him. His innocence was hot, he eagerness, and enthusiasm. This guy loves to go down on women. Loves it. I mean, dream guy, right? Brooke apparently thinks so too because she begins looking at him in a different light. Arnauld has never shown her such adoration and affection. He belittles and mocks her. He wants her to get plastic surgery, dress a certain way, bend to his whim. He doesn't value her at all. This is put into sharp relief when Nathan clearly adores her and lavishes affection on her. He is incredibly sweet.


This whole book is incredibly sweet, hot, and well written. All the best things. One of my favorite things were all the little animations that were thrown in. It really created a unique feel for the book and really pulled me in and made me a part of the story. I kept flipping through to find them. Someone is clearly talented and I really enjoyed that. The photo above is an example of one. I urge you to check this little morsel out, you won't be disappointed!