Facade (Games, #2)

Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn “I think when love sneaks up on you, when it grabs onto you when you least expect it, maybe that's more of a sign that it's real. That it's meant to be and nothing could stop the two of you from falling for each other.” ― Nyrae Dawn, FacadeLet me just take a moment to say, damn woman! This is how you write a freaking sequel, people. Everything about Charade that I loved was present and accounted for in Facade. Present and additionally attached to dynamite, wrapped in rags soaked in gasoline, and tossed into the sun where it exploded with heart stopping devastation. I was literally winded by my emotional response when I reached the conclusion. Completely blown away. I don't know exactly what it is about the way that Nyrae writes her characters, but suffice it to say she does a great job. She understands something about the structure of their reactions that makes every decision, thought, and opinion so believable. This, in turn, makes everything about this series so believable. I just die every time I reread them. Facade is Adrian, Colt's roommate's, story. The quintessential badass, Adrian doesn't just fuck around for no reason. No. This guy has some serious baggage to contend with. Nyrae layers vivid recollections of his tragedy throughout the story that when it's finally fully revealed it knocks you on your proverbial ass. I literally gasped when I read that portion. May have teared up. Just sayin'. Adrian's love interest is mystery lady, Delaney. She blows into his life with eyes full of ghosts and Adrian simply cannot resist her or learning more about what haunts her. In turn, she wants to learn the man behind the mask. Why does he put on a facade? Everyone thinks he's a loser who just likes to get high. In truth, he is so much more complex than that. His actions hide his pain. “...and now I just keep running. Maybe not physically anymore, but my mind and heart are backpacking through the darkest corners of the world trying to get farther and farther away.” ― Nyrae Dawn, FacadeDelaney's secrets are intimately connected with Adrian's past hurt. She wants to absolve herself and her family of guilt and believes she can do so by showing Adrian back to the light. She wants to tell him all about her connection to his past, but can never find the perfect moment. There would have to be major cajones to tell him in the first place. It's a doozy. Eventually they fall in love. God, if I only had to read Nyrae Dawn's work for the rest of my life, I could probably die happy just from the way she pens a couple falling in love. It's so bittersweet that I can feel it. That's exactly how books should be written, from my perspective. Ah!“She's the fire in my veins, the breath in my lungs, and the glue trying to hold each of my scars together.” ― Nyrae Dawn, FacadeWhen they finally lay all their cards on the table, will they be able to see past their pain to be together? “I don't know what it is about you that makes me want you so fucking bad.'They may not be the words a girl longs to hear, but I cherish them. Because they're real and real is better than a pretty lie.” ― Nyrae Dawn, FacadeJust fabulous, seriously. I loved Charade, but Facade actually surpassed it. Times a million. The emotional impact of Adrian's story just punched me in the effing face. I could rail on and on about this for days, I'm not kidding. If you haven't read it, please put it on your TBR shelf. You won't regret it. Review of Charade (Games #1)