Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1)

Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1) - Michelle A. Valentine Rock the Heart had me squealing with excitement, then confusion, then dread. It is a fast-paced dramatic account of the sparks that fly when a successful musician and the girl that broke his heart are reunited. Holy drama, batman!Lane is an intern with Center Stage Marketing, something she's worked diligently for for the past four years. It's her dream job and she'll do anything to go the distance and make those dreams come true. Unfortunately for her, her first assignment with any hopes of advancement comes at a cost - she has to win over the man that she unceremoniously dumped after high school.Determined not to let it get in the way of her dreams she confronts her ex-boyfriend turned rockstar, Noel Falcon, front man of the band Black Falcon. Time has certainly been kind to Noel, he's more good-looking than ever. Although the years have also turned him into an arrogant, emotional girl.For reasons that I really can't fathom, Noel will do anything to keep Lane in his grasp. He feels that this is his second chance with the only woman that he's ever loved. He'll even stoop to blackmail or highhanded deals with her boss to keep Lane near.When he forces her to accompany them on the road will the old flames of young love burn hot enough to rock the heart?What truly bothered me the most about this novel, and why I didn't rate it higher, was the characters and the over-the-top drama. There were at least five different conflicts going on and normally I'm like the more conflict the better. But this started to turn into a soap opera. Not. Kidding.The characters were so wishy-washy. Noel constantly ran hot and cold the entire novel. I can understand if he were to start off arrogant, demeaning, and distant because he was hurt and then gradually change to letting his walls down and loving Lane again.I don't even see how he let her back in so quickly, or why he felt that he needed to win her back. She's the one that left! She should be on her knees trying to get him to forgive her for leaving him for no good reason. Seriously, who leaves someone for the reason she does? No ma'am.By the end, I was really fed up with the whole scenario. Perhaps because the lack of actual development. It went a little like this.Don't want himWant himCan't have himDon't want himWant his bodyOMG HE DID WHAT? Don't want himCan't live without himHE DID WHAT? LeaveOMG I LOVE YOUEndI just felt jerked around and abused. And this makes me really sad because I was actually really interested in the beginning. I think with a little grooming this could have been amazeballs. I know some people are going to love it and that's great! There are a great many things to love! However, I couldn't get past those glaring issues in order to get from 'like' to 'love'. I'm hoping the subsequent novels in the series are a little more fluid. This happened for me with Beautiful Bastard. I wasn't into the first book and the writing in the second improved dramatically!On the positive side, I really saw some potential in this book. There were certain parts that had me smiling and laughing so I know there's something good in there!