Shine Not Burn

Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey “The question is not whether I'm sure, but whether you are. Because I know exactly what I want, and I'm not the kind of guy who's afraid to go after it once I see it.” ― Elle Casey, Shine Not BurnFirst, let's let it be known that cowboys are added to my list of deelicious characters. Meet Mack. Need I say more? This hunk of burning love meets our emotionally stunted leading lady in the grand land of Las-freaking- Vegas. I think we should all take a trip there, get heinously drunk and find our own versions of Mack-the-hunk. I will buy everyone blue cocktails and we will troll along the blackjack tables in tiny black dresses and too-high heels. Which is essentially what Andie does to land her own slice of heaven. Andie comes from a shady background (it doesn't go into too-too much detail in the story, but there's enough that you understand her). Her past experiences have definitely shaped the person that she's become. No nonsense, doesn't color outside the lines, sticks-to-her-plan. That's Andie. Well, at least until... She and Mack (Gavin Mackenzie) have immediate, blazing hot chemistry. They end up back in Andie's room where "crazy monkey sex" commences. Then...they get married. Two years later, having no memory of the momentous occasion aside from a cowboy hat, piercing blue eyes, and a fantastic belt buckle, Andie discovers, while applying for a marriage license, that she is already married. What could posses her, Queen of Control, to drop her guard and marry a stranger? Even more, why won't he let her have a divorce? Oh, I needed this book. My husband made me watch Mama a few days ago and I have been on absolute edge ever since. Truly needed some serious happy, comedic relief and this story did just that. It was absolutely hilarious! It's got mama humor: “You might think you're a grown man, but I have absolutely no problem getting my spatula out and serving you up a helping of bare butt flap jacks, you hear me?” ― Elle Casey, Shine Not BurnChick humor: “I guess there's a benefit to dating a bunch of selfish sure teaches a girl to how to give a good blow job.” ― Elle Casey, Shine Not BurnAnd everything in between. I spent a fair amount of the first 50% of the book laughing my ass off. The majority of that section had to be highlighted for later rereading if I needed another fit of giggles. Akin to authors with the talent to write well from a male perspective, the ability to get me to laugh is high up there on my list of amazing talents. It was a beautiful thing to watch Andie's heart open up to Mack and his family; the life that he had to offer her. He knew without a doubt, even after only being with her one night, that she was the one. And he wouldn't give her up. “It means that if I want to get lucky with you, I should just take the risk and tell you what's on my mind, because failing would be worse than never trying.” ― Elle Casey, Shine Not BurnAndie's journey to self-realization was very freeing. Her past wouldn't allow her to live out of her own rigid plan for fear of making a mistake. The only thing is, that when you live life according to a plan, you run the risk of missing out on all the beautiful things that arise from marrying sexy cowboys after getting drunk in Vegas. “With that realization came the understanding that sometimes you can't appreciate the true beauty of a thing until you experience it for yourself; no amount of words or pictures will do the trick. And no amount of planning could make it happen. Sometimes, we just have to go where the wind takes us and see where we end up.” ― Elle Casey, Shine Not BurnIf you are looking for an easy, sweet read with a gorgeous doesn't-take-no-for-an-answer alpha male with a dash of complications and comedy, Shine Not Burn, is the book for you.Bonus, as of right now it's $0.99 on Kindle, so grab your copy today! You won't regret it. Purchase here.Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!Like my facebook page to enter to win a copy of SHINE NOT BURN!