By Degrees

By Degrees - Elle Casey From the flippin' fantastic author of Shine Not Burn comes another out of the park smashing good read. The commanding Scarlett Barnes is the one agents and loved ones call when they have a Hollywood star on a serious downward spiral. Nicknamed "The Normalizer" Scarlett comes in, cleans them up puts their world to rights. If not, the stars may find themselves without a job, or worse - dead.I hit strong and I hit quick, but then I pull away and let things settle out. Eventually, he'll figure it out for himself. Hopefully, he'll do it before his client ends up dead.Scarlett would know all about what happens when a star doesn't correct their dangerous behavior as the love of her life suffered from drug addiction and died because of it. Desperate to atone for her own hand in his death, she seeks others to fix. The latest in her long line of elite clients is Tarin Kilgour a member of the band By Degrees. As they work through his issues Scarlett finds it hard to deny the similarities between Tarin and her ex-boyfriend. And the attraction she feels for the surly, sexy rock star. But there's a reason why she was called to help Tarin, a reason why he drove himself to the depths of despair. And that reason may be enough to break the fragile connection between them. By degrees is a way to get past any obstacle. It's also the way things can change in your life and you can become something you would never imagine for yourself. By degrees...little by little.You rise and you fall, not by monumental leaps and bounds but by degrees, one step at a time.Elle Casey has become one of my go-to authors when I'm looking for something to emotionally connect with, that will keep me interested the entire way through, and has that perfect amount of sexiness to spice things up. She devises the most unique and fresh plots with sound, believably crafted characters.The beginning absolutely hooked me. I mean good God if you can read that first chapter and not be absolutely intrigued, I'd be surprised.Scarlett, to be quite honest, confused me up until the last 25%. I didn't understand a lot of her reasoning until something came to light about her past that was a complete 'Oh Shit!' moment. Then I completely understood her drive and her confusion with her attraction for Tarin. What I loved so much about her character was that she wasn't perfect. She truly had been deeply scarred by an event in her past that she actually recognizes and decides to work through like a not-crazy person! Hello!Tarin was the perfect blend of brooding artist and smokin' hot rock star. Though he isn't without his arrogance and sometimes blatant cruelty, especially towards some of his fans. In the end, with the second seriously out of no where reversal, we see a completely different side of Tarin that just absolutely melts my heart, even if the situation was a bit unbelievable. It is fiction after all!Casting: Tarin Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!