Rock Chick Redemption

Rock Chick Redemption - Kristen Ashley One of my all-time favorite Rock Chick books. Kristen Ashley totally steps it up with Rock Chick Redemption. The stakes are higher, we're firmly entrenched in the series by this point, and there's more badasser-y bossiness than you know what to do with. Roxanne Giselle Logan has made mistakes in her life. But none of them can hold a candle to staying in a fauxlationaship with Billy, the lunatic who just doesn't understand the meaning of "I never want to see you again". So much so, that Roxie has to plan an elaborate, albeit harebrained, getaway plan just to make him see the light. She does the only thing she can: goes to Denver for the protection of her Uncle Tex. Once there she immediately catches the eye of Hank Nightingale, Lee's brother. And we all know when a gen-you-ine Hot Bunch alpha has set his sights on a woman, there's no stopping him. Later, at a party he asks a drunk Roxie out on a date. She's had one too many Naughty Girl martini's to resist his whisky colored eyes by this point, so she agrees. “The cold night air outside was like a slap in the face. If I wasn't in Naughty Girl Martini Land, I would have sobered instantly. Unfortunately, I was deep in Naughty Girl Martini Land. So deep, I was skipping dazedly through the Naughty Girl Martini forest and leaping over the Naughty Girl Martini streams, completely oblivious to everything.” And they have the best date that either of them has ever had. Great conversation, fabulous food, and the undeniable sense of chemistry that only two people meant for each other feel. They spend the night at Hank's house, one that almost tops the date. “The minute I saw you walk into Fortnum's I knew I'd do whatever it took to get you right where you are now. And I'm gonna do whatever it takes to keep you here for as long as both of us get something good out of it.” Then Roxie's past, named Billy, kidnaps her and drags her across the country. This, more than anything, proves to her that she's not good enough for Hank Nightingale. Even if she's rescued, Billy will always taint her. And no one, even a person as innately good as Hank can fix how Roxie feels about that.This is where the series went from "I'm TOTALLY into this! To "OMG, I want to be a Rock Chick, too!" Teeming with even more action and hilarity, Rock Chick Redemption is like a piece of meat or a fine wine that has had time to marinate and allllll the good things from the other two books have met and made something truly unforgettable.I loved, loved, loved Roxie. I loved, loved, loved Hank. The only thing better than these guys separately, was Roxie and Hank together. No doubt, the entire thing is pure Kristen Ashley gold.Casting: Roxie HankVisit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!