Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, #4)

Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley Rock Chick Renegade definitely raises the stakes for the series. The heroine is in more danger than ever before, we have not only one but two Hot Bunch guys on the prowl for our leading lady. All of which are layered against the unique voice that only Kristen Ashley is capable of producing. Jules "Law" Lawler is on a mission to take revenge against the drug dealers of Denver who caused one of her boys their life. As a social worker, Jules sees the effects of drugs on teens on a day to day basis. When confronted with the loss of one of her kids, she draws the line. Enough is enough. With the help of Zip a gunstore owner, Heavy an ex-PI, and Frank a mysterious recluse, she practices the skills she will need to wreak havoc on the drug trade in Denver. Her crusade lands her right at the feet of Vance Crowe, one of Lee Nightingale's associates. The tension between the dealers and Jules begins to rise. She's starting to impede their business and if there's anything dealers don't like it's losing money. Concerned for her safety, Vance steps in to throw down for her protection. One by one, the other Hot Bunch guys do, too. Not only does Vance give Jules his protection, he also gives her his attention. Something Jules isn't so sure she can handle, as she's lost almost every one of her family members and can't stand to lose someone else she cares about. “Because I like you a lot. Because you’re beautiful and strong and make me feel things I can’t allow myself to feel. Because you listen to me in the moonlight like every word I say forms a drop of nectar. Because you’ve lived a shit life and come out the other side to be someone amazing. Because now you live a dangerous life with a scar on your back to prove it and I can’t afford to lose anyone else that means something to me...” She may accept having Vance and his love in her life, but the dealers she riled on the streets aren't as accepting. Will this renegade get her happily ever after?The romance aspect of this one was kind of played down for me. Perhaps because they 'broke up' for three days and she has a mild interlude with one of the other Hot Bunch guys, which I wasn't as into, but I understood.I loved how proactive Jules was. All of the Rock Chicks are kickass and take care of business, but Jules (and later another character) are truly proactive about fighting the bad guys. She is literally prowling the streets like a superhero fighting drug lords to avenge the death of one of her kids. It's pretty damn badass. Not only that, but she earns the respect of the Hot Bunch, which can't be easy, considering their backgrounds.Vance was particularly interesting. He was more reserved than the other guys, which I was totally into. He completely rocked the Indian God thing.The ending was amazing! I loved how far Kristen takes it with this one. With each book she steadily increases the drama, action, stakes. Everything! I love how well constructed each book arc is an how they all interrelate and intensify ass it progresses.Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!