Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Chick, #5)

Rock Chick Revenge  - Kristen Ashley Though not my personal favorite of the series, Rock Chick Revenge doesn't skimp on the action or romance. I think I've read these books at least three times in the past few months and they never get old. “Ava you missed it when it happened so I'll clue you in. Last night, around the time you fell asleep against me, you became mine. ” Having been done wrong by every man she's ever been in a relationship with, beginning with that of her absentee father, Ava has decided to give up on men. In spite of this, at the behest of her best friend Sissy, she reaches out to a long lost friend, Luke. None other than the shit eating grin bearing Hot Bunch member. Though it's been a while since they've seen each other, that doesn't dampen the feelings she's had for him since they were kids. Their meeting is just as fiery and swoon-worthy as Ava'd always dreamed. Shocked by her disappearance and equally by her reappearance into his life, Luke demands answers. Unwilling to give them, she hastily retreats, deciding to help Sissy leave her husband Dom by herself. Unfortunately for her Luke isn't so easy to go away once his interest has been piqued. Even more so when a drive-by decimates Sissy house with Luke and Ava still inside. Determined to get to the bottom of her issues with Dominic's enemies, as well as why she disappeared on him, Luke pulls a classic Hot Bunch guy move and detains her. Handcuffing her to the bed, when necessary ;) “He isn't my man.""Girl, it don't matter you don't think he is, he thinks he is. Therefore in Badass Motherfucker Land, that means he is.” Literally forced to face her feelings for Luke due to their close quarters Ava must decide if she's willing to give men another chance. Especially a man like Luke. I liken my opinion of this book to that of Rock Chick Rescue. Ava had some self confidence issues leftover from childhood, when she was overweight and her mother and sisters (serious beeotches) would tease and torment her. Hence her inability to accept Luke's attraction to her. Understandable, but still a little annoying. I didn't like the whole angel/devil on the shoulder thing, it just seemed like a cheap writing trick and ever since 50 Shades of Gray I can't stand that whole writing ploy. It just irritates me. Who actually does that? “Oh my goodness, Luke’s massaging your arm! Isn’t that sweet? Good Ava trilled in my ear. Jump him! Rip his pants off! Bad Ava shouted in my other ear.” Aside from those things, there were a few very emotional times in the book that seriously made my heart clench, true to Kristen Ashley style. Her ability to convey relationships, motivations and connections is unmatched by any author I've ever seen. Her talents are exemplified by this series and the way that she forges these connections throughout. I love that the relationship between Luke and Ava took root in their childhood as friends. It adds a special layer of realism to their relation that they have history. The end was a little bit far-fetched for me and seemed to drag. Like I said, just not my favorite, but enjoyable nonetheless. This, Rescue, and Reckoning were my least favorite. But that's okay, because after that we have Regret and Revolution, my all time freaking favorites in the universe. Definitely read this though because it's great, just not the best. LukeVisit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!