Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts)

Defying the Odds - Kele Moon “Yes,” he assured her without hesitation. “I thought I was broken too, that I’d never trust women, but I had it all wrong. I wasn’t broken at all. I was just waiting for you. It’s always been yours; even before we met, it belonged to you.” ― Kele Moon, Defying the OddsA short, sweet, sexy read, Defying the Odds surprised me with it's charm. I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. And in addition to bikers and men in uniform, I suppose I'll need to add fighters to my list of scrumptious occupations. MMA heavyweight champion Clay accepts a lot more from skittish waitress Melody when she gives him a piece of pumpkin pie because he seemed lonely. Their meeting and getting to know one another was incredibly sweet. Clay, despite his occupation and personality was genuinely thoughtful when it came to Melody. He wanted to take care of her, help her. Because of the short length of a novel, their courtship felt really rushed to me. In spite of this, it was so well written, that I didn't even mind. I've read a lot of books and even lengthy novels didn't provide that spark that made the characters come alive. Kele Moon was able to bring Clay and Melody to life with a quarter of the length of some other novels. I wish should would go back and add some more scenes, though, to give Defying the Odds even more depth and substance. The novel would only get that much better. Due to Melody's abuse suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, she feels like she would subject Clay to untold harm at his hands, so she pushes him away in order to protect him. But a connection like theirs won't allow them to be separated for long. In order to keep him focused, Clay's friends Wyatt and Jules conspire to bring Melody to Las Vegas to sort things out. If you're looking for a quick, sweet, hot read, this is definitely the book for you. The only issue I had was with it's brevity, but aside from that it was very enjoyable! Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!