Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren Sara Dillon wants nothing more than to experience things the way a woman in the public eye never can. At least until she meets Max Stella the handsome British playboy who is more than willing to satisfy all of Sara's exhibitionist tendencies. “I was ready to start over as a comet: refuel, reignite, and burn across the sky.” ― Christina Lauren, Beautiful Stranger“When my old life died, it didn’t go quietly. It detonated.” ― Christina Lauren, Beautiful StrangerTheir first meeting occurs at a nightclub after Sara is publicly humiliated by her long time fiance. She wants nothing more than to experience life, let loose, find herself. Rebound the hell out of a hot guy with a sexy accent. Their one time only turns into having sex in public places all over the city. The arrangement suffices for them both until those pesky emotions come into play. Max begins to care for Sara and she for him. Suddenly their relationship evolves from casual sex to something more. “So?" she said, giving me a slow, wicked smile when we accelerated forward. " You told Will you found a woman who likes to have sex in public?""Not in my cab!" the cabbie yelled so loud we both jumped and then broke into laughter. He pumped the brakes, jolting us. "Not in my cab!""Don't worry, mate," I told him. I turned to her and murmured, "She doesn't let me fuck her in cars. Or on Tuesdays.""She doesn't," she whispered, though she did let me kiss her again."Shame," I said into her mouth. "I'm good in cars. And especially good on Tuesdays.”― Christina Lauren, Beautiful StrangerThe thing that most intrigued me about this book after I downloaded the sample was how much more I was into it than Beautiful Bastard. Sara's character in particular felt so much more fleshed out than Chloe's from book one. I'm glad I read it because the series was rejuvenated for me because of the character development. The ending however, seemed a bit rushed. I loved Max the most. He felt the most real to me. Plus he had some pretty fucking fantastic lines. “I looked around me as if it were possible to collect together the heart I'd nearly spilled all over the grass.” ― Christina Lauren, Beautiful StrangerAside from the ending, I really did enjoy this installment. The sex was hot and not as superfluous as the scenes in Beautiful Bastard. I truly needed to connect with the characters and I feel that I was able to do so more in Beautiful Stranger. Didn't completely blow me away, but it was an enjoyable read.