Untitled (Rock Chick, #8)

Untitled (Rock Chick, #8) - Kristen Ashley The most righteous, most amazing, most swoon-worthy of all the Rock Chicks books. It did not disappoint. Action. Romance. Badass alpha Italians in business suits. Kick butt heroines who don't take any shit. The perfect conclusion to an already out of this world series. When I received my ARC for Revolution I literally screamed. The conclusion to the Rock Chick's story has been highly anticipated. Starting it was bittersweet because I didn't want the saga to end. I've never read anything quite like this series and that's why it's been such a success.When I went back to read it a second time, yes a second time, I just couldn't help but make notes on everything. I wanted to savor every moment and that made the journey all the more sweet. You could tell that Kristen Ashley put everything she had into this book. Masterful. She doesn't hold back. You get full on Hot Bunch/Rock Chick alpha all the time. Not only that, you're privy to the interactions and feelings of the other characters and are given a very very satisfying conclusion.Now, to the fun stuff.Ally Nightingale has had a lot going on behind the scenes of the other Rock Chick novels. She keeps her secrets close to chest, not even letting the other girls in on her problems. Throughout the other novels we get a taste of what's going on in her life, but this book lays it all out. Not only does she have a secret job going on behind the Rock Chicks backs, but she also has a secret lover.She and Ren Zano have been 'together' although not together for the past year. After their first date, the best first date in all first date history according to Ally, she snuggles up to him only to have him whisper Ava's name in his sleep. If you've kept up with the series you know that Ava and Ren went out on a 'business dinner' and that Luke fought Ren for Ava in Rock Chick Revenge. Ally is convinced that he's in love with Ava, and will therefore not put her heart on the line. So she lies.“Dude, we hooked up. That’s it. Or that’s all I remember. But maybe I was drunker than I thought. Did I miss the part where you slid a ring on my finger?”The only problem is she's already fallen for him.So in order to protect herself against future hurt she insists that they are fuck buddies and fuck buddies only. And this is just the lovely backstory that we're presented with in the beginning! This isn't even getting into the meat of the novel. Literally, you read this in the two chapters she has posted on her website. Normally, I'd hate to have so much history shoveled into me at the beginning of the story, but there's something about Kristen Ashley's novels that make me now mind at all.When they finally get their shit together, they have to figure out how to make their relationship work. Ren as family issues going down with the business. Ally is trying to figure out how to make her dream come true. Not to mention the little problem of having a stalker and numerous bad guys after her because of favors she's been doing for friends.I don't want to give too much more away because it's an experience all by itself. SO MUCH happens that I'd never be able to accurately portray it's awesomeness.I have to say that aside from Rock Chick Regret this is my all time favorite Rock Chick novel. I adored Ren. Adored him. He is alpha beyond alpha and a great cook to boot. He didn't take any of Ally's shit, pushed her when she needed to be pushed, and was one of the sweetest, kindest, most understanding of all the Hot Bunch guys. Seriously, swoooooooon. Le sigh.Ren Zano ate tater tots for breakfast and served them up to his fuck buddies. “You’ve got your way, the way you are and the way you are with the ones you care about. And that tells me, a man gets in there, you give that to him, the children you give him, that man will be all kinds of lucky. And I’ve decided we’re gonna see if that man is me.” “Baby, you’re gorgeous. The way you wear a dress is goddamned foreplay. The way you give me everything and nothing, making you a challenge only a real man would accept, is all kinds of hot. The way you give as good as you get in bed, totally unselfish at the same time phenomenally greedy… fuck,” he growled, and I felt that growl straight in my happy place. “You’re the best I’ve ever had, Ally. Bar none. And the way you love, stubborn, tough, unshakable, is unbelievably fuckin’ beautiful. And still you’re a serious pain in my ass. But I found, not havin’ you, I got off on the pain. I missed it. So I’m takin’ it back and we’ll see how it goes.”One of the best things about this series are the secondary characters. There is something about the way that Kristen Ashley crafts people that makes them so real. I would expect to waltz in to Fortnums and have Tex shouting "Loopy Loo" and Daisy calling me "Sugar". Indy would be scowling at Lee. Jet blushing at Eddie. Roxie making out with Hank in the stacks. Vance and Jules snuggling their little one. Ava arguing with Luke who is giving her sexy eyes. Mace calling Stella "Kitten". And Sadie in a Hector-hold. I can picture each character with perfect clarity and that's fuckin' remarkable.Which leads me to Darius. Oh em gee do I have a major lady boner for this guy. I was so excited that she chose to elaborate on his story with this book. We learn all about a decision in his past that shaped him into the man he is today. I wish we could have gotten to know him sooner or that he had his own novel. I adored that we got a peek inside his head and hope that she continues with him in future novels.In addition to Sadie, Ally may very well be one of the best Rock Chicks. She's a take-no-prisoners Bad. Ass. I loved delving into her head, understanding her choices and watching her find her happily ever after. I love it when the Rock Chicks are on Hot Bunch level and like Jules she doesn't disappoint in that respect.“Everything you do, what you eat, what you drink, how you live, how you love, how you work, all of it runs deep. You give it everything. It means everything to you.”She was just so take charge. She knew exactly what she wanted, who she was, and what she would and would not accept. She goes up against her parents, her brothers, her friends, and the love of her life and doesn't give an inch more than she wants to. When she and Ren have issues about her chosen profession she lays down the law. Either he accepts her, or they're over.“There’s nowhere to go with this,” I hissed, and he shut his mouth. “We’ve been around this and around it and it leads nowhere. I have no fucking clue why you worked so hard to get in there with me when you didn’t want me. But you did. Now, you need to move on. Because I’m me. And if you can’t accept me as I am, then we’re done.”I couldn't have asked for anything more from this book. The ending made me cry. It was absolutely perfect. Do not miss out on this fab-u-lous conclusion to a kick ass series.Casting: Ren Ally Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!