Rock Chick Rescue

Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley Rock Chick Review Week, Day Two: Rock Chick RescueThe action, heat, and swoon-worthy romance continue in the second installation of the Rock Chick series. Compounding all of the things we love from the first book and adding a few new pieces, this smoking hot sequel will keep you on your toes. Jet Mcallister is a normal, boring girl. Or at least that's what she tries to tell herself. And Eddie Chavez, a smokin' hot Denver cop who just won't leave her alone. At first Jet thinks it's because he likes getting a rise out of her. Until her wayward father shows up, dragging her down into some serious trouble. Knives at your throat kind of trouble. Concerned and alpha-protective mode fully engaged, Eddie pulls out the big guns and lets Jet know just exactly what he wants. Her in his bed. By his side. In his life. “Chiquita, women spend a lot of time sittin’ around bitchin’ that there are no good men out there.I hate to tell you this, but there aren’t a lot of good women either. The difference is, when a man sees one, he knows it.Then, he goes after her and wears her down until she’s his. Then, if he’s any man at all, he won’t let her go.” The only problem is the monstrous amount of insecurity this chick harbors like a chastity belt. She seriously doesn't have much self confidence, it seems, and she really doesn't understand why he could be interested in something so normal and boring. Besides, she has her hands full taking care of her mother, who'd recently had a stroke. Jet then had to quit her respectable job at a bank and seek employment at a strip club called Smithie's and at Fortnum's, Indy's bookstore, for more flexible hours in order to care for her mom.Eddie sees how hard she works, how little time she spends on herself and if that doesn't put her on Hot Bunch radar, I don't know what would. There's something about strong, unassuming women that attracts these guys like crazy. While she is hunting her father, who has amassed a sizable gambling debt, she catches the notice of some pretty bad guys who are also looking for her father.In order to protect her from the underbelly of Denver, Eddie immediately moves her in with him in true Hot Bunch style. Jet insists that it's just temporary, until she sorts out things with her father. Only Eddie doesn't seem to get the memo and Jet starts thinking maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing...“I’d been tossing on the seas for twenty-eight years, I was used to flipping around on the waves by myself, bailing out the water like a mad fool.How did I get used to an anchor?What if that anchor broke off?” True to Kristen Ashley form, there were fights, commanding commandos going commando, and oy, the drama. Though I enjoyed this book, Jet wasn't my favorite heroine of all time. I wanted to like her, but she didn't even like herself. She spent the majority of the book demeaning herself and enumerating all of the reasons why a guy like Eddie could never go for a guy like her, when in fact she's a wonderful, beautiful person. Her father's abandonment and carelessness must have really affected her in a big way. So much that it completely colors her self-image. I wish she could have had a more conclusive personal ending resulting in a new realization about exactly why Eddie loves and wants to be with her. I LOVED Eddie. He was protective, strong, sexy, kind, pushy. All the best things. He pursues what he wants relentlessly and doesn't take no for an answer. He knows how Jet sees herself and doesn't let that stop him because he also knows that she's full of shit and won't let herself be happy, so he almost has to make her. I just wanted to shake Jet into the realization that she should just be happy. Yes, sometimes we need to protect ourselves for the fear of falling and landing smack on our asses. But other times, we need to trust that someone like Eddie will be there to catch us when we fall. Casting: Jet EddieVisit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!