Inky (The Leaves, #1) - J.B. Hartnett Anika "Inky" Redding began with mysteries. Currently engaged to a musician, Evan, Inky is a painter by passion and a bartender by profession. Her engagement to Evan arose out of a friends with benefits relationship that had been ongoing for years. Convinced that she loved him, Inky waited years until he was ready to commit to a relationship. It didn't seem odd to her that he proposed to soon after they transitioned from people who had casual sex to each other's intended. She was just happy to finally have him. Blissfully ignorant, Inky is altogether shook to her core when she encounters a striking, compelling attraction to one of her bar patrons, a mysterious divorcee named Cole. When memories from her past begin to resurface during their conversation, Cole is there to soothe her panic attack. Days later, thoughts of him linger. She has a dark past that she documents with tattoos of fallen leaves from a tree. The leaves represent her pain. Her best friend urges her to tell her fiance about what happened to her, but she doesn't want to dredge up the memories. However, after a person from her past reappears, she can't hide it from him any longer. When Evan betrays her, she turns to the one person who has made her feel safe: Cole. I have seen lots of great things about Inky around the web, so when I saw that it was on sale, I couldn't resist snatching it up, especially considering that the sequel was due out soon. Inky was a refreshing character. Smart, sassy, talented. Her interactions with Cole were my favorite part of the novel. Their banter had me giggling, swooning, and sighing. I'm "sweet" which can also give the impression that I'm weak. I'm not. I'm sweetness with a potty mouth and an attitude. You can tell that Cole has many secrets. After Inky and Evan separate he swoops in like a white knight and whisks her off to his beach side mansion to pamper and wow her. I brought you here for the same reason I keep coming back to the bar in hope of hearing you sing, the same reason I bought this and your other paintings. I need you. It scares the fuck out of me but I have never felt this in my entire life. I need to be near you, to hear your face and voice. It was borderline super-creepy / instalove how he wanted her, but eventually it was explained that they both suffered through unimaginable horrors and through that pain they have a deep, abiding connection. Through much of the book, I was trying to get a handle on what kind of story it was and though I never really did, I enjoyed the ride. Cole was very charming and it was very hard not to like him. They had a unique relationship that I couldn't tear myself away from. It does end on a cliffhanger, but the sequel will be out by the time this review is posted. Cole review will be up next!3.5 stars*****Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!