All of You - Christina  Lee Avery doesn't want or need the complications that love and relationships are bound to bring to her life. Just look at her mother? Her mother bounces from relationship to relationship going from bad to worse with each one. Obviously no good can ever come from trifling with love. Therefore, Avery has vowed to only use the opposite sex for release and that's it. However, when she meets a handsome stranger at another frat party and he doesn't pick up the animal magnetism that she's so desperately throwing down, her life's philosophy may just be thrown out the window. When it turns out that *gasp* he's actually her neighbor, she cannot resist the pull to him. It turns out that they come from similar family situations through this they bond. Though neither can deny the fierce attraction between them, they obviously have vastly different views about love and sex. Due to that, they resolve to be friends, but that doesn't dampen the sexual tension between them. I'm going to cut to the chase here because I really didn't like this book as much as I thought I would. There were quite a few cliched scenes and the plot was really ho-hum to me. The promise of the synopsis fell short and I didn't connect to the characters at all. It could have been great, but didn't live up. Avery's ladywhoreness results from a bad sexual assault from her past (...I'm really starting to not like this trend, can't there ever be another reason for a woman to have some kind of sexual freedom?). I liked her sassy, I did. The minute Bennet shows up it just kind of fizzles out. Bennett was cute and sweet and responsible...but other than that I kind of forgot him as I kept reading, but I do know that I didn't really feel the connection between either of them. Their relationship was too fast for me and all of the sudden they were having sex, even though it was important for him to wait until he was in love, which was sweet. The play at suspense was realllllly obvious and felt like an attempt at adding something to an already nonexistent plot. I hate giving bad reviews and I really don't like to wallow in them, so we'll leave it at this: Five words to describe this book: Didn't live up to promise. *****Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!