Mid Life Love - Whitney G. Let's just say when I turn 40 and my husband has left me for my best friend, who he had been having an affair with for over a year and impregnated, that I find someone as amazing, caring, and thoughtful as Jonathan Statham. Plus loaded, loaded is good.Claire Gracen, broken by the dissolution of her marriage with philandering-ex-who-will-remain-nameless, has basically given up ever finding a decent man again at her age. Either they don't want anything but sex, are interested in a younger woman, or are frightened away by her two twin 16-year-old daughters.Then she meets Jonathan, the 29-year-old self starter CEO of the company she works for, Statham Industries. At first, surprised by his continued interest, she blows him off, repeatedly. There's no way someone so handsome could possibly be interested in her. Especially someone 11 years younger.There's no way someone like Jonathan, who has made a career of success, would accept no for an answer. And he doesn't. Her pursues Claire like a man on a mission. Every time she doubts there relationship he showers her in gifts or wows her with wild, crazy sex to shut her up. He's definitely an KA-alpha type to the core. Direct, honest, unflinchingly romantic. It's like he took one look at her and knew that she was the one.The meat of the novel centers around Claire's insecurity in the relationship and Jonathan's determination in proving that he is very serious about them. In addition to Claire's lack of faith in their relationship, there are also people and situations working against their happiness.All of this culminates to a very dramatic conclusion where Claire will have to choose once and for all. Can she love again? Can she accept the Mid Life Love that Jonathan is offering?The beginning of this novel completely had me giggling like a mad woman at my Kindle. I loved that she had such an acerbic, sarcastic wit. I also admired her strength. She has to be strong, for herself and for her girls. It takes a lot for a woman to be knocked down and then build everything back up again. Her bad luck in love has made her a bit (ok, more than a bit) gun shy. She fights her feelings and her relationship with Jonathan until the very end.At some points you're like, c'mon lady, this guy literally would buy you the world. He cares more for you than anyone, RELAX!!! But it has to be understood that she's undergone a huge betrayal and it's hard for her to come to terms with that. Her self esteem has been pulverized and she probably doesn't trust her own judgement with men. It's easier to not to take the risk than to lose everything...again.Jonathan was funny, pushy, and completely dominant. He was all about the sex and romance to me. Could you ask for more, really? He could even pull back and let them just be with each other. He was extremely devoted, even seriously courted the line to obsession. Finally, he was cool with her kids. As a parent, that rocks!I truly enjoyed the way that Whitney Gracia Williams crafted this story. Structure and prose are very important to me. If I can't get a clear picture of the people, their motivations, desires, and surroundings then it's very hard for me to be interested a book. I did not have this problem with Mid Life Love. I was even worried about understanding what it was like to fall in love in your 40's, but the sentiment was delivered effortlessly. I even liked the description of everything; all the details immersed me in the story that much more, which is to be commended. Full of wit, steam, romance, and risks Mid Life Love was a delightful read guaranteed to make even the most hard of hearts flutter with happiness.Click here for a Mid Life Love