Incomplete (Incomplete, #1) - Lindy Zart There are few authors that can truly convey angst quite like Lindy Zart. Incomplete is the first novel in a two part series. Complete, the second in the series, will be out in Spring of 2014. Grayson Lee, a senior in high school bound for school in California after graduation, is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Lily. It's pathetic how much I need to be near her, to breathe the same air as her, to do nothing but allow my eyes to look at her. With her, I am whole. With her, I am not a mistake. I am not unloved and unwanted. I am not me.Grayson and Lily have been best friends since elementary school and he cannot or will not make the mistake of ruining their friendship by admitting his feelings for her. Having grown up with an alcoholic mother and a broken family, he doesn't believe that he's good enough. The abuse and neglect he suffered as a result have damaged his feelings of self-worth to the point where he thinks his entire existence is a mistake. This is the way it has to be. I am her friend, nothing else. I will forever be her friend. That is all I can be. That is all I will ever allow myself to be. It's better this way, better for Lily. And everything I do, I do with her in mind.As the threat of his departure and the inevitable day he will have to leave Lily, who is still a junior in school, looms closer his hold on his self control begins to diminish. When they finally kiss, he is so confused and overwhelmed that he begins to push her away. He's truly under the impression that he can't possibly be with her. He'd rather lose her. They go through a very angsty back and forth trying to overcome their issues.After a big blowout, they finally get together and I was ecstatic. Grayson, the poor guy, deserved happiness. He deserved Lily. He tries so hard to do what he think is the right thing. After graduation, the summer he gets to spend with Lily is the happiest time in his life. Not only is he with the woman he loves, but his family is finally experiencing a revelation of sorts. Things are good. Too good.Then he realizes that Lily never expected their relationship to last. She doesn't want him to give up his music and the opportunity of a lifetime in California. She tells him that either he goes and they do a long distance thing or she will never speak to him again.Holy heartbreak, Lindy Zart!Boy, Grayson really couldn't get a break. First he's in love with his best friend, a girl so perfect he won't risk ruining her by putting moves on her. Not only that, his parents have been in a loveless marriage, his mother actually calls him a 'mistake' and some guy is also pursuing the woman of his dreams.His whole senior year is basically spent lusting after his best friend and lamenting the fact that he can't be with her. I have a real issue with the whole "I'm not good enough" thing. It really frustrates me as a plot device in general, though Zart does a great job of depicting it. I really sympathize with the Grayson. Underneath his anger issues and sarcasm, he was a sweet, caring guy who was dealt a rough hand.The whole time they're doing the back and forth I wanted to shake them and scream "Kiss and make up!" But really, after speaking with the author, I understand why they make the choices they do. They both really have a lot of growing up to do. Lily knows that if she keeps Grayson from pursuing his dream, because he would give up everything for her, that he'll eventually resent it. Having been witness to his parents unhappiness, Lily refuses to do that to him. Broke my heart. Damn you, Lindy.The epilogue was my favorite part and what really made the book for me. It gave me hope that these two lovers would be together, they just had some growing up to do. I find it really mature of Lily to have made such a hard choice at such a young age and I really hope it works out for them in the conclusion.Though he's still a little bitter, he's nevertheless thankful for the opportunity to make his dreams come true. He's on the stage, in front of a huge audience, a year after leaving his family and the love of his life. It ends with a happy-for-now.Push me away, shove me down, make me something I don't want to be. Push me away, shove me down, make me what I need to be. push me away, shove me down, make me...make me...incomplete.I look forward to the next book, which I'm told is going to have a hea for Grayson and Lily. This series reminds me of a more angsty Remember When. 4 starsCasting: Grayson and Lily*****Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!