Reckless - Skye Jordan Be careful with this one, it's sure to melt your e-reader...not to mention your heart. Lexi LaCroix controls every aspect of her life - from her painstakingly detailed wedding gown designs to her love life. She's pulled herself from the dirt poor place she grew up in to one of the most sought after wedding apparel designers in the country. Now, more than ever, she must be careful about her actions. She's under intense scrutiny due to a possible lucrative partnership with Martina Galliano - the woman who can make all of Lexi's dreams come true. Unfortunately, the stress and pressure has finally gotten to Lexi. As owner and designer, she often puts in 14+ hour days stitching and mending her designs by hand. With the gain in notoriety, her drive to be the best and attain her dreams has burned her out. Now, with the most important deal of her life in the works, she's running out of designs...and inspiration. Jax Chamberlain. --Hang on, let me say it again. Jax Chamberlain.-- Former actor turned stuntman, Jax is used to women using him to get what they want. An audition, an introduction, an investment. He's been burned too many times and is quite simply done with sex-on-heels women who use him for connections to the entertainment industry. When Lexi sees Jax while leaving L.A. for New York - and is presented with an app that allows her to see the phone numbers of those around her - she does something reckless and anonymously texts him. The texts turn quickly from curious to flirtatious to smoldering. LEXI: What kind of sex do you like?JAX: I like the fiery, fast sex so passionate your vision blurs.JAX: I like wild, frantic, have-to-have-you sex that burns you alive.JAX: I like deep, driving sex where sweat drips off my chin, rolls down your spine, and tickles the dip between your ass cheeks. JAX: I like secret sex in naughty places, and naughty places to have secret sex.JAX: I like the kind of sex that includes sliding my tongue into all your very tight spaces.JAX: I like any kind of sex that drives animalistic sounds from your throat.Lexi must decide if she's willing to put her job on the line for what promises to be the wildest, most daring fling of her life. A one night affair does little to dim the attraction between them. Is Jax willing to let go and trust a woman who may just be using him? Can Lexi take a chance on a Hollyword bad boy? Whooo, boy Reckless took me completely off guard. I was not expecting anything extraordinary, I'd never read anything by the author before so I was shocked to find how much I enjoyed Reckless. Skye Jordan is obviously a talented writer and has earned her place as one of my go-to authors. Most engaging about the story, if we're going to get down and dirty, is the sex. I had to read this book twice because it was that good. Jax brought everything a man is supposed to bring to the table. He stripped Lexi of her control and in return allowed her to take back control of her career. He was sweet, passionate, and was the perfect dirty talker. *sah-woon*Then he eased the need by pushing his hand low. She gasped in surprise and excitement. At the feel of having a man’s hand between her legs. A real man. The kind of man who made her hot and wet and needy. The kind of man who wasn’t afraid to take charge or give real pleasure.When they meet again, both begin to drop their guards. Their connection and attraction is too strong to deny. Jax fears that his reputations will damage Lexi's chances at securing the partnership, so even though he's grown to care for her, he tries to let her go. --I loved him in this moment. He doesn't want her to suffer at the hands of the paparazzi and the vicious rumor mill, so he let her go. I loved his point of view. I don't know what it is about being inside a man's head, but it always makes a novel so great to me. Perhaps because I am able to understand their motivations and actions so much more. Either way, Jordan did a great job at writing Jax. I'm still salivating. I'm also excited to learn that this is a series. I can guarantee, based on the description, that the next book will be just as spectacularly crafted as the first. More devil-may-care badass men who know how to take care of their women - in more ways than one. I cannot wait to see what's next. 4.5-5 stars Casting: Jax