Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle This is the creepiest effing book of the series to me, and probably my favorite so far. I stayed up until 4 o'clock in the morning with this one. I had to move my daughter into my bed and continuously text my husband (who was overseas) to even finish reading it.Dead Sky Morning takes place a few weeks after Red Fox and Perry and Dex are on their way to their next assignment, a former leper colony located on island in between Washington State and British Columbia. The country rounded up all the lepers about a hundred years ago and abandoned them on this island to rot and die. Absolutely bound to have some freaky shit going down. Not only that! But there's only one way on and off the island and the weather is absolutely miserable. So they're stranded during a storm on a haunted island. Of lepers. That are trying to kill them. And they each think the other is going nutso. Recipe for awesome stuff, let me tell you. Perry and Dex's relationship intensifies a million fold in this book. He is endlessly complimenting her and she just cannot help but fall head over heels in love with him - despite his rapist facial hair. “Honestly kiddo? You’re beautiful. You use your weight as an excuse but you’re just all woman. Not every woman has to look like a stripper. Or a model. Or Megan Fox. You’re petite, have a tiny waist, a fantastic rack, a devastating ass…what the hell more do you want? You should know it. Everyone else knows it…that’s why you’re getting all these asinine comments. Can’t you just see that it’s just jealously that’s ripping these people apart?” ― Karina Halle, Dead Sky MorningDamn the fact that he's involved with someone. Ok, just one more.“What if I really am alone?”“Baby, you aren’t alone. I’m here.” ― Karina Halle, Dead Sky MorningI love that when he's feeling sweet he calls her baby. Makes my heart melt. While on the island, their raft is sabotaged by someone or something, so they are stuck on the island until help comes, during a rough storm. Perry keeps seeing ghosts and Dex begins to think that she's going crazy. In the midst of the turmoil, something happens that changes Dex and Perry's relationship forever. Will it be the end or the beginning of them? My Review Blog