The Rules of You and Me - Shana Norris The Rules of You and Me is the quintessential young adult novel. It is full of emotional conflict, personal discoveries, and the truth of true friends. I found this story to be truly touching and very sweet. Hannah Cohen's life is crumbling before her eyes. The extensive rules her parents use to govern appropriate behavior and decorum aren't serving her as well as they had in the past.“You rely too much on yo rules, Hannah. You use them as a kind of crutch to hold yourself back from new experiences. You've let these rules control everything you do in your life.” She finds herself questioning the entire course of her life. Who is Hannah Cohen, exactly? Thus far, she's been the over achieving, can-do-no-wrong, perfect daughter/student/friend. When a crack appears in the perfect veneer of her life she has to find new ways to cope.Her father is sent to rehab for drug addiction and her mother flits off to Paris to ignore her problems and create her own perfect reality. Hannah decides that she simply cannot pretend anymore. In order to figure out where her life is heading, she decides to spend the summer in Asheville, NC with her Aunt Lydia. Someone she used to connect with.While there she meets the handsome, troubled Jude Westmore who has demons of his own. Angry at the world and torn apart by his brothers' death, Jude is the only person she's ever met that seems to see the real Hannah, whoever that may be. When she breaks down and explains the rules her parents have for her he decides they should make up their own rules.“1. Be honest. Don't complicate things.2. Do what scares you the most. 3. Always do the thing that could get you arrested.4. Don't be afraid of reality.” Armed with these new rules and a few friends to have her back, Hannah embarks on a journey of self discovery. Along the way she and Jude begin to toe the line of friends and something more. When the secret her family has been harboring about her father's addiction is leaked to the press, will her new found strength be enough to survive the intense scrutiny? Will her friendship with Jude survive the challenge?“I love you as you are," he whispered in my ear. "I want to make sure you know at least one person does.” I found this read to be very satisfying. The plot was very well done. Each action and scene had a specific purpose and the flow was excellent. It wasn't profound to the point where my heart hurt, but it did have a pleasant emotional conflict that kept me very interested throughout the entire read. I haven't read a young adult novel in a while, and this was the perfect one to test the waters with.The portrayal of Hannah and Jude was very realistic. I felt their struggles and their pain. Each had a burden to bear and it was beautiful to watch them work through their issues, challenge each other, fall in love.It's a young adult novel so less emphasis is placed on the romantic relationship and more on personal development, but there is a touch of romance.The Rules of You and Me is a spin-off/standalone of The Boyfriend Theif which I actually haven't read, but other reviews say you should read first. I'll update to add my thoughts on it's consistency with the first book when I read it. I highly recommend if you're looking for something emotionally engaging with a hea.