Dear Rockstar - Emme Rollins Five emotional, jaw-droppingly, heart-wrenching, mind-blowing, mother-effing stars! I am absolutely overwhelmed by my intense response to this book. Joy, sadness, excitement, fear - I think it pulled every human emotion out of my by the end. If you're looking for a sensational, swoon-worthy rockstar read, look no further. I could tell 3% of the way into Dear Rockstar that it was going to blow me away. If I connect with a book, really connect, I get giddy within the first chapter. The excitement for what's in store literally starts with those first few pages and I just know I'm going to be taken for a wild ride. And this one didn't disappoint. “The best things in life are crazy.” ― Emme Rollins, Dear RockstarI immediately connected with protagonist Sara, a 19-year-old dropout trying to earn the final credits to graduate and go on to art school where her idol, a rockstar named Tyler Vincent, used to attend, teach and still resides. At the beginning of the novel, she has completely put Tyler on a pedestal, where she worships him to forget about her miserable life. Abusive stepfather, mother who won't stand up for her, dire financial straits, so neglected she doesn't even have regular meals. Enter Dale Diamond. Le sigh. Add a touch of insta-love and shake. Or rub, like a genie lamp because you just know all of your wet dreams have come true. He immediately takes an interest in Sara, perhaps because she's the only one who doesn't out and out fall belly up at his feet drooling. Now that I think about it I'm trying to remember exactly what it is about her that he likes. Honestly, I don't really care because that's how much I loved this. She's beautiful, there's something about her that he just can't stay away from. “I know you. Inside and out, Sara. I know you, and I’ve accepted it all. Every bit of the crazy. And I love you anyway remember?” ― Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar I enjoyed how he drew out their courtship, made their first time special. Squee. Really built up the anticipation until holy god that first sex scene about gave me a heart attack. You either win or lose with those kinds of things and let me tell you...epic win. All around...three times. Dale Diamond, yes ma'am. He made her feel special and for the first time in her life since the world went down the toilet, he made her feel happy. But was he enough to squelch her obsession with the only thing that has distracted her from her horrible life? When faced with the reality of her hero what is left of Sara's on notions about her life? Will she be able to get out from her family's thumb and have that happily ever after? Ugh. This story. Kept me up until the wee hours of the morning basking in it's beauty. Seriously - I've been rereading passages because this author has a serious way with words! For some it just flows out like honey (haha bee joke) whereas others it's stilted and forced. Oh! Like another of my absolute, all time favorite reads, Dear Rockstar, is a blast from the past set in the 80's. Details were full force in the first 50% and then kind of tapered off or I got too distracted by the sexah and the DRAMA! to notice, but that's okay. The beginning totally had me grinning at my computer. Details like that really enhance a read for me, make it feel more real. A lot of the novel focuses on Dale and Sara's relationship so when the real big pieces of truth come out (near the end) it kind of is a major oh em gee! moment, but this didn't really detract from the story to me because the clues are there all along. It's kind of subtle and really slaps you in the face when it's all laid bare. She really glosses over the most traumatic parts at the end, which doesn't bother me because the story was more about her road to standing up for herself, learning to love and trust, taking chances, and finding something outside of her obsession with Tyler, something real, to ground her and make her feel safe. What happens to her though. Holy crap! No wonder she latches on to Tyler. :( I can understand why she wouldn't be able to leave, it's not an easy thing to work through. I think a lot of people may have an issue with the whole Tyler obsession, but you really have to understand that it's a coping mechanism. She's been in a terrible living situation (so much worse than those simple words) and it's warped her to that point. The secondary characters were also fully fleshed out and deeply incorporated into the story, which adds another layer of depth that I enjoyed. It covers issues such as teen pregnancy, domestic violence, adoption, eating disorders frankly. Gah! Read, read now for the love of god, READ. TEASER"Too bad we don't have a place to be alone." "There's always the back seat." I was only half kidding, my eyes skipping to the roomy bench seat just a few feet away. Dale followed my gaze, looking tempted, almost as tempted as I was, even if we were parked right in front of the apartment building at one in the morning. The light in our apartment was off, which was a good sign. The stepbeast had probably been drinking all night--typical for a Saturday. Likely he was passed out in the chair. My mother usually just covered him up and left him there until morning. "Come on." I leaned into him and he slipped his arms around me, our breath so warm on the cool September night it was already fogging the windows. "Let's do it." He lowered his head to my shoulder, gathering me up even closer, breathing me in again like he did. I loved when he did that. "No." His voice muffled in the denim of his jacket--I was still wearing it. Then he lifted his head, pressing his forehead to mine. "No backseats for my Cinderella." "Then one of us has to get a castle before I... die." I took a deep, shaky breath, feeling the heat of his body, the way his hands moved lower on my back, up under the jacket, seeking bare skin. I couldn't stand it anymore. I kept asking myself how I could possibly feel this way, after just a week, but it was a ridiculous question, because I'd fallen in love with Tyler Vincent in an instant. Or... I thought I had. I was beginning to doubt any other feeling but this one, whatever this overwhelming, heart-bursting-open emotion was, the one only Dale made me feel. He chuckled, eyes flashing almost silver in the moonlight. "You won't die." I lifted my face to his and whispered, "The least you could do is kiss me?" "Do you want me to?" He traced a finger over my lips, sending a hot rush of blood through me. "Can't you tell?" His smile rose up to his eyes slowly, darkening them. "I like to hear you say it." "Yes." So close. His finger still pressed to my lips. His gaze there too. "Yes, I want you to kiss me." "Mmm." His finger was wet with my saliva now and he rubbed it against my mouth. "Say it again." "I want you to kiss me." I groaned. "Say please," he whispered, his gaze never leaving my mouth. "Please." My hands moved lightly over his neck and shoulders, broad and strong under my fingers. "Pretty please," he insisted, a smile playing on his lips. "Pretty... pretty... pretty please." I leaned nearer with every word, my mouth so close to his either of us could have bridged the gap in an instant. I heard him swallow. "That was a very pretty please."