Sins & Needles - Karina Halle There is no one that can pen a story quite like Karina Halle. Vivid. Brutally realistic. Captivating. An honest tale about the consequences of making the wrong choices. Told with a combination of flashbacks and current events from Ellie's point of view, Sins and Needles is a gripping tale. I don't think I've ever read anyone who can convey a character so aptly portrayed from the first page. She makes no apologies for her characters. They are real people with faults who make bad decisions and have secrets and pasts. And pasts full of secrets and bad decisions. Ellie Watt, or at least that's the name she's returned to after a life of easy cons, came back to her hometown hoping to make a fresh start. But she's tried that particular con a time or two before and it's always been easier for her to pull a fast one and move on. This time seems no different as she spots her mark shortly after arriving to town. Camden McQueen. The same one she attended school with and humiliated a lifetime ago. Only he isn't a scarily dressed wannabe got anymore. Oh no. He's a muscular, tatted up slice of heaven. So hot he makes the glasses he sports look cool. Funny how a nice ass, firm pecs, and a great smile could thwart a woman’s best plans.When she sees the tattoo parlor he owns and runs she immediately begins to plot how she will steal from him. Just enough so that she can finally get that do over. Unfortunately for her, she is insanely attracted to Camden.I needed to keep my vagina out of the question and focus on what was really important: money.Only that's more easy said than done. When someone from her past barges back into her life will she make the same mistake twice?It's hard to even classify this book because it's so unique. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it. Full of action, a little mystery, some dark humor, and effin great sex it's one of the best books I've read since her Experiment in Terror novels. They share some things in common, but at the same time they are vastly different.Ellie isn't an easy character to like. She grown up the daughter of a grifting couple so she's lived her life according to the things she's been taught. She was injured as a result of one of those cons and has nursed the rage and betrayal since that day. Ellie isn't your normal, every day girl and she doesn't apologize for that. She has her moments of compassion just enough that you empathize with her.The girl wasn’t the fire-breathing dragon, but she was a monster all the same.Camden, oh be still my heart, Camden! I completely felt for this guy. It's like one bad thing after another has fallen in his lap and he truly seemed like a nice guy to me. Sure, he can be a little crazy and has more mood swings then most women, but he's also sweet, and strong, and funny. He truly cared about Ellie and when she comes barreling back into his life, he wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, she lets him down.“Do you think because you can’t see my scars that they don’t exist? That’s the trouble with pain, Ellie. If you’re lucky, you can wear it for all the world to see. Most people have their pain deep inside, in places no one ever goes. Not until it’s too late.” I couldn't figure him out at first, but around 40% he shows his true colors and I think I fell a little bit in love with him.That ending was definitely a to-be-continued but I wouldn't worry because the second book is almost out. I cannot wait to see where this goes in Shooting Scars which drops August 20th.Casting: I loved the cover model for Ellie, CamdenVisit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!