Take Care, Sara - Lindy Zart Languidly paced, thoroughly heart wrenching, and beautifully written. This was one of those books that I couldn't put down. I'm not embarrassed to admit that it made me cry...repeatedly. The novel opens with a desperate, desolate Sara contemplating throwing herself off of a cliff at a local park. In the year since she lost her husband, Sara hasn't found a way to cope. She'd drowning in the grief and guilt from which she cannot find peace.She had realized something over the recent months: it didn't matter who you were or what you'd accomplished in life; none of that mattered when tragedy struck. You had no pull; no power. You had no choice. There was nothing to game with; nothing to do to put the odds in your favor. I always connect with stories of loss, especially when the author has the ability to convey the tone of the emotion so aptly, so believably. Obviously I was touched because I couldn't stop crying, just about the whole book I had to take breaks and breathe. Some of the things Sara thinks are verbatim what I thought after suffering a loss.Sara, however, couldn't get over the loss of her husband. As she was present and holds herself very accountable for the circumstances in which he was hurt. Not only that, she remembers the look in his eyes when he died. I can't imagine being there, watching someone that I love die. The way she describes the accident was so gripping and realistic; it was like I was there.Because that's what she remembered, what she relived, every single day.Him.In fine detail.Dying.The only source of comfort during the past year of pain has been her brother-in-law, Lincoln. He's the only person that she's allowed to penetrate her fortress of grief. Though, to this point, it's been mostly over phone calls. Phone calls where he relates stories of her husband, his brother, and through the memories, Sara is able to draw some sense of solace. She doesn't say a word, just calls him and listens. Somehow he knows what she needs. Every one-sided conversations ends with him telling her, "Take care, Sara." After her suicide attempt, a mutual friend of her husband's, Spencer, contacts the person who stopped her from jumping. His name is Mason and he's actually a grief counselor. Throughout her journey Mason advises her and gives her tools that she'll need to learn how to cope. At first she doesn't want them; doesn't need them. She fights getting better and losing the last connection she has with her husband. Gradually, with the help of Lincoln and the tools she learns from Mason, she's able to begin to process. The road to acceptance is not an easy one for Sara. The ghosts of her husband and their past are not easy ones to exorcise. Her residual guilt over the accident compounds with her grief and makes it almost impossible for her to function. When all looks bleak, there's Lincoln to pull her out of her slump. I'm not going anywhere. Deal with it...I'm not going anywhere. I'm not leaving you." Lincoln's eyes flashed as he leaned his face close to hers. "You don't get to tell me to leave you alone. I'll never leave you alone. I'll never abandon you. That's my promise to Cole and that's my promise to you." Sara wasn't the only one fighting the loss of a loved one. Cole's death took a lot out of his brother as well. Though it wasn't only grief that was plaguing Lincoln...Take Care, Sara was simply put: epic. Epic romance. Epic sorrow. Epic recovery. Epic friendship. Epic love. Unexplained, insurmountable grief. I know a lot of people are commenting on the pace and how it was way to slow for them, but I must respectfully disagree. I loved it's careful pacing, I think it was absolutely perfect. There's no way Sara could have overcome her feelings without working through them. After such a traumatic, terrific loss there's nothing but time and reflection that will allow her to come to terms. The pacing especially with regard to the romantic aspect, which I won't elaborate on, was also slow, though again, not in a bad way. Both Sara and her love interest needed time and Lindy Zart does an absolutely fantastic job at constructing a believable relationship in the surrounding turmoil. I love that it wasn't rushed, that it proceeded at the cadence the characters set. It was very realistic. It is quite the emotional read. If we're being honest here, I think my cry count was at 6 by the end. There is no band aid, no comforting for the reader. You go through every stage of grief that Sara goes through. As she began to heal, I literally felt my heart lightening with her, gradually, but it was amazing that that feeling could be conveyed through words. The only reason this isn't get a perfect rating is because I wanted just a little bit more of an uplift to the happily ever after. It ends on a very positive note and there is a happy ending for the couple involved. They'd just been through so much and I really wanted to see more happy to even off the sorrow I was drenched in. Aside from that, this was an amazing story and I give it my full recommendation. Casting: