Seduce (Beautiful Rose, #0.5) - Missy Johnson On Sale for $0.99 until Sept 30th! Buy here.Humor. Heat. Seduction. Lust. Forbidden love. Denial. Heartbreak. A captivating prequel to Beautiful Rose that delves into the mind of the illusive Jack Falcon. Jack Falcon is the token London playboy. Successful, charming, and gifted with a panty-dropping smirk. He runs through women just as well as he brokers properties. Using his sexual habits and rivers of scotch to mask a broken past, he finds solace in the arms of faceless women. Having become somewhat of a legend, he is surprised to find the one woman that is either unaffected by him or is as skilled at the game as he is. Enthralled by her charm and sex appeal for the following few days, he cannot get her off of his mind. His the playboy finally met his match? After spending more time with the alluring vixen, who he finally learns is called Belle, he thinks he may have met the one to change his ways. For certain, he's never been with one woman this long. The plot twist about Belle, while fairly obvious, was interesting. It still made my stomach drop and incited some delicious carnal tension. Once resolved, they resolve to get to know one another, sprinkled liberally with smoking hot sex scenes.Jack's behavior reminded me a lot of the male protagonist from Wallbanger. I had an immediate connection with his voice, despite his behavior."Dropping to your knees before you've even told me your name doesn't gain you my respect. All that does is make me want to treat you like the slut you obviously consider yourself to be. If you've got no respect for yourself, then why should you expect it from me?"His unapologetic persona further softens as he begins to care for Belle. Only his father's expectations and his own relationship hangups prevent him from making the best choices and something tragic happens, not as a direct result of his actions, but they're kind of connected. I had to keep in mind that this is mostly back story for what happens in Beautiful Rose, which releases in November. The events in Seduce completely alter Jack's life and make him the man that he for the events in Beautiful Rose. Even though I had an inkling of what was going to happen, because knowing the synopsis for the second book gives you a clue, I was still blindsided. I didn't want it to happen and it crushed me. I felt for this man who had come so far, only to fall. I can only hope that his heart can be redeemed in the next book. Casting: *****Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!