Afterburn - Sylvia Day Though undeniably sexy and expertly crafted, I found it hard to reconcile my enjoyment of the story with the fact that it ends on such an unresolved note. Gianna Rossi has worked hard to secure her position with the unstoppable Lei Yeung. Since her affair with the rough and tumble venture capitalist, Jackson Rutelage, she's done her best to eradicate the brash and flashy Italian girl from to wrong side of the tracks and replace it with someone who has class and polish. Working with Lei is the first step to making all of her dreams come true. She's finally landed the opportunity of a lifetime, a big client that could skyrocket her career and finally give her what she feels she needs for success. As a plus, her boss would exact revenge on a former colleague who double crossed her. Before she can get the client to sign on the dotted line, the man who broke her heart strolls back into the picture and ruins her chances with the client. Never one to back down from a challenge, even if that means going up against Jax, Gia pools her talent and determination to finagle another deal. Willing to do whatever it takes she and her ex lover battle head-to-head volleying back and forth, almost a direct correlation to the flames that were reignited the moment she saw him again. While they play their games professionally, a whole other, more dangerous game is being played personally. Gia is determined to uncover the reason why Jax left her those years ago without so much as an explanation. After five weeks of explosive sex and forging what she thought had been an intense emotional connection, she still hasn't gotten over Jax. And apparently, he hasn't gotten over her, either. “You were made for me,” he said fiercely. “No one else, Gia. You’re mine.”She can't risk her heart or her success on Jax. Especially when there seems to be something that he isn't telling her. He cannot stay away and yet he speaks as though they can only be together for a short time. That he has nothing else to give her. Gia begins to think there is something more at play than the cat and mouse game they've been going at. And she's determined to find out. “If I tangled with him I’d get hurt, because I would hope. I wanted more. But what choice did I have?”I have to say, I believe I enjoyed Gia and Jax's story more than the Crossfire books. Sylvia Day certainly pens intriguing and extremely enticing characters. She tells you just enough to hook you and spins a fabulous tale fraught with sexual tension and innuendo. She makes you really want to undress Jax in all sorts of fabulous ways. Peel back those layers to discover what secrets lie beneath. Gia was my favorite kind of heroine and I notice a theme of strong, competent women in Day's work, which I admire and appreciate. She was assertive, sexually confident, and determined to be the best at what she does. She didn't take Jax's excuses and won't take less than what she feels she deserves. "In the boardroom and the bedroom, Jackson Rutledge was going to learn a thing or two about playing with me.A well written novella, I was nonetheless disappointed when it came to a very abrupt end. I think I was actually in a bit of shock when I was flipping through those last scenes and then...nothing. I thought this can't really be it? I understand that it's a novella and that there will be another coming out on November 12th, but I simply don't abide by the publishing tactic that encourages the release of half novels for the sake of increasing sales (if that's the case) I don't feel there was a sufficient conclusion here and I was resolutely underwhelmed with the to-be-continued end. To the point where it ruined the entire experience for me. It would have been much more satisfying had they combined the two into one cohesive novel, otherwise it probably would have gotten 5 stars for me. Jax