Remember When (Remember Trilogy, #1) - T. Torrest Remember When has a very special place in my heart. It's the first book I've ever given a 6-star review to, and it pretty much sets the standard high for me. This is the first in a three book saga detailing the ups and downs of Layla's relationship with famous Hollywood star, Trip Wiley. After meeting Trip in English class, Layla is drawn to his calm, cool exterior. In other words, she crushes on him big time. Do you remember how it felt when you were into a guy? Like you were breathing electricity and sparks warmed your blood? It's almost as though Torrest has turned those feelings directly into words and transcribed them. I directly connected to Layla as she interacted with Trip, basically the boy of her dreams. The novel follows them throughout their senior year. They grow close as friends, both almost timid to actually put their feelings out there. It's awkward and exhilarating and scary and one of the biggest rushes you'll ever have in your life. And it's preserved in black and white. For you to relive again. And again. And again through Layla and Trip's experiences. Hilarious experiences. “Are you there, God? It's me, Layla. I know I just jerked off some guy who is not even my boyfriend in the bathroom of this crappy, brown house. But if you could find a way to kill me quickly and painlessly within the next ten seconds, I promise to never touch another penis again. Well, I'll be dead, so, I guess I promise not to whore it up in heaven. Which, of course is where you'll be sending me, right? I mean I'd hate to think you'd deny me an eternity behind your pearly gates just because of one impetuous handjob. Thank you. Sincerely, Layla Warren. Amen.” They go through snags and drift apart. They fight and fall in love. And it's absolutely beautiful. So unbelievably innocent and wonderful to witness. Layla was the every-girl for me. She had confidence but she wasn't arrogant. Beautiful, but not full of herself. Smart, driven. Still growing into herself. She was your every day girl, someone you can relate to. Her journey through the year could be anyone's and I think that's why I connected so strongly with her and her story. She experiences a lot of the things many people do in high school. Trip. Le sigh. He's one of my all time favorite book boyfriends. (He's even better in book 2, shh!) Even as a teenager he has a magnetic personality. Before he hits it big he has people in orbit around him. He's sweet and funny and sexy when it counts. His almost innocence makes him even more attractive to me in a market saturated by over-dominant males with ego issues. Not that he doesn't have one ;) It was just refreshing to read something so carefree. “You're beautiful. The kind of beautiful that doesn't go away. Do you even know how beautiful you are? Christ. Stop looking at me! Killing me. Do you know what that does to me? Seeing you look at me like you're half in love with me? Are you? If I write it does it make it true? So let it be written, so let it be done.”But the ending...I mean going in you know that they aren't going to be together. They have to go their separate ways after school. Lay's going to New York and Trip is going to travel the world. By this point they've fallen in love and it's so. Damn. Real. You feel it, every moment. You watch them become friends, flirt, mess around, and then fall. And you know when you're a teenager everything feels so much sharper. Oh when they have to part that scene absolutely kills. My heart literally broke and I may or may not have been sobbing hysterically. (At least in my head so no one thinks I'm crazy(ier)).“No, Layla. I won't stop." He moved closer, cradling my head to his chest before continuing. "I know you're leaving and I would never try to keep you from going, and I guess I have my own path to follow as well. But don't ever ask me to stop loving you, because I can't. Don't ever think I'll be able to forget you, because I won't.”Written and executed so flawlessly I couldn't help but be whisked away. And I return to this story frequently. I've only been blogging and following indie authors for a few months, but I always come back to Trip and Lay when I need to reminisce or simply need something sweet to read. Reading Remember When is quite literally like recalling memories of your own high school ups and downs. A little bit sad, a little bit of "did I really wear that?", a lot of what might have been. Book #1 details how they meet and fall in love, book #2 is their reunion (warning: major cliffhanger, so I'd advise you wait for book three), book #3 is the conclusion and it's due out sometime in Fall/Winter 2013. “Be happy. Wherever you wind up. And know that I'll be thinking of you, wherever I am.” Casting: Trip WileyLayla ***** Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!