Fatalism: Alexa and Vincent's Story - L.K. Collins Rating Clarification: 3-3.5 StarsAn enjoyable debut by LK Collins, Fatalism is a sweet, quick read that is full of smoking hot chemistry from start to finish. Alexa Shaefer and Vincent "Kane" Mileski have both been burned by their pasts. Both were not looking for something serious until they meet by chance in a club. The instant connection they both feel persists, even though they don't leave the club together. Still reeling from the emotional response Vincent elicited from her, Alexa is shaken to the core when she arrives to work and is confronted with her new boss - none other than the Vincent from the club. The only problem is, she has a firm 'do not date coworkers' rule. And Alexa is normally one to stick to those rules. But Vincent is nothing if not persistent and he hounds Alexa until she agrees to go on a date with him. Unable to resist her attraction and curiosity, she accepts. From there the two embark on a sexy, steamy attempt at a relationship where they must learn to trust and work through their own issues. Fatalism was an interesting, engaging read that with a little bit more character development and polish to the writing could be amazing. What it lacked in those areas, it made up for with heavy doses of sex and steam. Troubled Alexa was sweet and cute, but sometimes she could grate your nerves. You have a guy who wants to give you the world! How hard is it just to let your guard down? This reminds me of Ava from Rock Chick Revenge. These chicks need to stop turning down these smokin' hot hotties because I swear I will steal the next one they push away. Vincent was kind, caring, and definitely kinky. Sex on a car? For sure makes my naughty boy Christmas list. Patience and understanding aside, Vincent isn't without his own issues. Alexa isn't the only one haunted by a past ready and raring to bare it's teeth. The worst kind of teeth. Ex kind of teeth. The story ultimately shows great potential. It wasn't out of this world mind blowing, but it kept me interested and asking for more. Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!