Charade - Nyrae Dawn “Everything’s not always black and white, Princess. Sometimes we have to do shit because there’s not another choice. Maybe you should think about that before you snub your nose at me.” ― Nyrae Dawn, CharadeScorned woman Cheyenne propositions sexy, tattooed Colt into playing her boyfriend after she is unceremoniously dumped to save face. Needing money to support his dying mother, Colt accepts. What started as a game turns into something more real as these two realize there's more their relationship then a charade. “Just know that you can. I won’t tell. I might not be able to do much for you, but I’ll hold your secrets.” ― Nyrae Dawn, CharadeThough I believe the beginning was a little rough around the edges as it started in the middle of a fight and I felt a little off kilter, I absolutely adored this book. What I enjoyed the most was the gradual build/change of their relationship. Dawn shows this so well it feels fluid. When I finished the book I was literally in awe of the relationship arc. From frenemies, to friends, to lovers, to a relationship and not once did it feel forced. It was organic, smooth. Their attraction, chemistry, needing each other (not only on a physical level) felt real. “Colt lies on my bed and pulls me down behind him. I expect him to go for my clothes, but instead he kisses me again. “Blanket.” I mutter, between kisses. “If you’re cold I’m doing something wrong.” ― Nyrae Dawn, CharadeI'm always in awe of authors who are able to convey the male point of view with amazing accuracy. Colt is wrought with emotions over his mothers sickness. Angry at his inability to help her, save her, keep her. I just want to hug him. The beginning may feel a bit slow, but around the mid point it really picks up and all the waiting was totally worth it. 4.5 stars, totally recommend! Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!