Remember When 2: The Sequel (Remember Trilogy #2) - T. Torrest Remember When is one of my favorite books of all time, ever. I absolutely adored Trip and Layla's journey to young love. It was so freaking sweet that I've read that book at least three times over in the past few months since I've read it.That being said, I believe my absolute infatuation with Book One has no doubt colored my views of Book Two because of the seriously distressing cliffhanger we're presented with. If you haven't read either book, I highly recommend reading the first and perhaps waiting for the final book to be released (no date as of right now) before taking on Remember When 2. I only say this because of the fact that I am so in love with this series that it literally broke my heart the way the second book ended. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Obviously it's so well written that I literally haven't been able to talk about the ending until now - that's how much it affected me. Ah! Blast you T. Torrest! Playing with my emotions.In the sequel, Layla and Trip meet again. Chemistry abounds and they are forced to face the attraction that even time couldn't dampen. So romantic and agonizing. Both our lovers are in relationships with other people, as they obviously have moved on with their lives.In spite of that, they are still inexplicably drawn to each other. Problems abound because they can't be together.“And when your plans don’t work out, when your choices turn out to be all wrong… You find yourself alone and defeated, not knowing where to turn.” ― T. Torrest, Remember When 2: The SequelThe sequel has a completely different feel to it than the first in the series. I have really been grappling with the differences in the time since I finished reading. The poignant, almost wistful air about Remember When has grown up. A lot of the sequel explores how, as we grow up, we lose a lot of what makes us who we are due to the obligations of adulthood. There's definitely a loss of innocence present in Remember When 2. “...that teenager still lives inside you. That person you were before the world started telling you how to be, what to say, who you should be with.” ― T. Torrest, Remember When 2: The SequelTrip's return to Layla's life is a stark reminder of the person that she used to be and the things she's lost as she's progressed in life. He reminds her off all the things she once wanted that she'd given up on.“Give me another chance at this. We’re so great together. I want you. I’ve always wanted you.” ― T. Torrest, Remember When 2: The SequelShe must decide if he's worth the risk.Honestly, I was so effing pissed at Layla for not dropping that loser fiance of hers. I kind of feel like he was a plot device. She obviously didn't really love him and I wanted to knock her the eff around for dragging her feet. It was so clear how much Trip cared for her. How could she tell him no? God, Lay, really? Really? It almost would have been better if she would have taken the chance and had the next book be about them making it work together. We'll see.All I have to say, is the next book better do justice to them or I'll probably cry.Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!