Beautiful Broken Rules - Kimberly Lauren There are a few things in this world that are hot beyond hot to me and they include: rock stars, cute but down to earth actors, military guys, and any guy in uniform in a position of power, really. Now I must add any decent looking man with a motorcycle. As evidenced above, who can argue with me, really? Add a southern drawl and sexy, play with me hair and who can resist Jaxon Riley? Certainly not Emerson Moore, who could never really resist a good looking man in the first place. Why not? As long as the fun didn't break one of her rules, that is. She doesn't sleep with anyone her friends like, anyone her friends are dating, and she certainly doesn't let the fun go past date three. No attachments, no responsibilities, just fun. She saw what relationships did to her parents and after losing them, she isn't going to be the one to court a broken heart. Emerson's character was really refreshing. It was nice to see a woman who wasn't afraid of her own sexuality. Someone who took charge and didn't shrink away from the idea of sex and her own desires. Sex was fun for her and she made no qualms about taking what she wanted. I hate that the only reason she was this way was due to her inability to trust, but hey, I'll take it!Emerson, for the majority of the book, is at war with herself about her feelings for Jax. She has never wanted to be tied down to one man, in fact, she doesn't even know how to be in a relationship. Once she meets Jax and things become complicated, she can't even be with another guy without thinking of him. There were times when Jax would be a little too aggressive/possessive for my tastes (and we know that's how I prefer them). In spite of this it didn't really detract from the story for me.What I enjoyed most about Beautiful Broken Rules was Emerson's personal emotional journey. She never placed value in relationships or love because of her own hangups about her parents. It was very fulfilling to watch her fall in love, learn to trust herself, and be vulnerable. “I just met you and I'm amazed by your already.Your beauty has me blind to all others.My eyes will always find you in a crowd.My favorite part of the day is when I get to hear your laugh.One day you'll let someone in and he'll be a lucky bastard.One day you are going to discover how beautiful and strong you are.I hope that I'm standing right next to you holding your hand when you do.” ― Kimberly Lauren, Beautiful Broken RulesI loved watching them work through their individual hang ups. Although I hated when they kept making mistakes. It's like c'mon! You both love each other, be together already, dammit! I enjoyed reading the epilogue from Jax's point of view. He's just so darn cute and sweet. Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!