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A host of amazing sales this week including over 20 $0.99 ebooks, three great series, a handful of half-priced books. There were also a lot of great new releases and Sempre and Rome, two of my top-tbr reads are now available for preorder. Also, a recap of my reviews from the past week. Get your one-click finger ready!!!



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An amazing deal on a phenomenal series. Get each of these Black Dagger Brotherhood novels for $5.99, reg $7.99+! Must be read in order.


  1. Dark Lover
  2. Lover Eternal
  3. Lover Awakened
  4. Lover Revealed
  5. Lover Unbound
  6. Lover Enshrined
  7. Lover Avenged
  8. Lover Mine
  9. Lover Unleashed
  10. Lover Reborn



The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan is on sale for $1.99. Normally $5.99 +!

Some days Emma Thomas is thrilled to be alive. Some days she struggles for a reason to breathe. Discover the USA Today Bestselling trilogy The Breathing Series.



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Review Recap


Playing for Keeps (A Neighbor From Hell #1) by R.L. Mathewson.My review.


Perfection (A Neighbor From Hell #2) by R.L. Mathewson. My review.


One of the most hilarious series I’ve ever, ever read. I cannot get over how much I laughed at these two books. These first two follow cousins, Jason and Trevor, and how they fall in love with their unsuspecting neighbors. Subtle romance, hot, steamy scenes, and a great sense of humor.


“I like her,” Brad said, chuckling.
“For a Red Sox tee shirt wearing woman I guess she’s okay,” Jason grumbled.
“Does no one care that she just manhandled me?” Trevor demanded, facing the men who should be properly outraged on his behalf.
Jason snorted. “A s long as she brings me food she can bitch slap you and call you spanky.”
Trevor narrowed his eyes on the men who dared laugh at his pain. “Betraying bastards.”


Torch (Take It Off #1) by Cambria Hebert. My review.


Tease (Take It Off #2) by Cambria Hebert. My review.


A promising, light series with a touch of heat and suspense. Though I felt it could have been executed a bit more smoothly, they were interesting reads.


“So, Harlow. Why do you want to be a stripper?”
“Well, it’s my lifelong dream,” I said, pressing a hand to my chest and batting my eyes.
“Uh-huh,” he said as the bartender set a drink in front of him. He picked it up and took a sip, studying me over the rim of the glass.
I sighed. “I need the money.”
He nodded. “Do you have experience?”
“Well, no. But I undress myself every day, and that seems to be the most important thing I need to know.”
He laughed again. “I like you.”
That probably wasn’t a good thing.



Freeing Asia (Breaking Free #1) by E.M. Abel. My review.


I loved this honest coming of age story about a girl who is finding her way in life and in love. She must decide how to reconcile to two parts of herself. Is she the classy, well dressed Asia? Or is she the skater chick  tom boy that she was raised to be? Is she meant for the put together businessman or the boy who stole her heart when she was a teenager? 


“If you wanna be free, Asia, all you have to do is see yourself through my eyes. If you could see how beautiful you are, what an amazing artist you’ve become, how you light up a room just by walking into it, you would realize that you have no reason to keep yourself locked up. You should be proud of who you are, babe. ’Cause you are amazing.”


Don’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey. My review.


Elle is one of my favorite authors and I enjoyed her newest romantic suspense novel that tackles the topic of domestic abuse and the definition of true beauty. Though it deals with the tough subject of domestic violence, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dark read as the overall tone is actually very positive. It’s a standalone novel and it does have a happy ending.


“You’re not my keeper.”

“You are your own keeper, Nicole. I’m just your protector.”




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