Safe With You by Kirsten DeMuzio

Safe With You  - Kirsten DeMuzio

2.5 Stars 

A short, sweet, easily digest read about a college girl, Taryn, who meets a mysterious guy, Wyatt, in a coffee shop. They become friends and she believes that he will be her real life Prince Charming. 

Only Prince Charming has a secret. (One that was painfully obvious to me the entire time - hence the lower rating.)

The plot was fairy predictable, somewhat enjoyable, and very fast. The last 5% was Wyatt retelling how they met (what was the point?). There was also nothing at stake here. Once the secret was revealed at like 25%, there was nothing else really that seemed to put their relationship in the danger zone. Again, what's the point? 

The characters were fairly developed though somewhat two dimensional. The second in the series will be released next month, a spin off from one of the characters in this book. 

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