Pieces of Perfect - Elizabeth Hayley Lily Hamilton is returning from an unsuccessful visit at her parents whose attitude regarding her decision to be a teacher and not a lawyer was made clear. Frustrated, hurting from their biting remarks, and overall just plain annoyed, Lily is at the end of her proverbial rope.I knew two things for certain. I needed a drink, and I needed to forget about everything that happened while I was away.Lucky enough for her she runs into a handsome stranger that that she just cannot shake. Though undeniably attracted to him, she resists his advances initially. What type of person would she be if she accepted attention from a man she didn't know? Only, he doesn't take her brush off. After they board the plane the handsome stranger who she learns is named Max, finds her again and corners her in her seat. This time, he doesn't accept a brush off."And you’re not gonna come here either. That’s not how this is gonna end. I will fuck you when we get off this plane. And this time you will say my name and beg me not to stop. You understand?” He released me and withdrew his fingers completely as the plane came to a halt.He makes true of his promise and their tryst in a darkened hallway at the airport is seared into Lily's brain as she goes back to work the following Monday. The only time it's not on her mind is when she makes a fool of herself in front of the father of a student. Who just so happens to be very attractive. While recovering from her humiliation later that day she experiences the shock of her life. Max, the man from the airport, is starting a new hockey program at her school.Tasked with the responsibility of giving him a tour, Lily is faced with a choice: either ignore what happened between them, and him, or dive into a torrid affair with the playboy ex-hockey player. Impulsively, she jumps in. Hot, hot, hot, hot. Did I say hot? Hot.As she and Max continue their arrangement, Lily meets another man, Adam, the same one she met a few days previously. Her attraction to Adam stems from how polar opposite he is to Max. He's stable, charming, incredibly romantic and kind. When he asks her out, she is delighted and accepts.--This is where I begin to wonder what Lily is thinking. She wants to have her cake and eat it, too. The blistering sex with Max and the perfect relationship with Adam. --She continues to mess around with both of the guys using Max for sex and dating Adam until things with Adam begin to get more serious. But one thing is for sure, she's going to have to chose between them."There is one thing I do know. Sometimes, doll, in our attempt to have everything, we find ourselves left with nothing."I was at first hesitant to begin Pieces of Perfect as I knew that it wasn't going to have a very happy ending. I have to be in the right mood to handle the heartbreak and drama and having heard nothing about the author or this book previously meant that it was going to go one of two ways...I was either going to be extremely disappointed or pleasantly surprised.I find myself actually really surprised. When I read the first couple pages a few weeks ago, I was mildly intrigued and darn it, I should have kept going because it went from mildly intriguing to incredibly off-the-charts hot within seconds. Her interactions with Max had me fanning myself from the heat. Whereas her relationship with Adam was almost the ideal, it's the romance and passion that you'd want if you were in a relationship, only Lily almost didn't want it. He was almost too perfect for her.The subtlety with which the author duo depicts the relationship between both men is so well done that I found myself just as torn between Max and Adam. Adam is everything Lily wanted, but she felt she didn't deserve him. There's something dark in her that Max can only relate with. And Max isn't only the bad boy playboy that he's always been. But Lily realizes these things too little too late.And the worst part was it hadn’t been taken from me. I had given it away. And in my path of destruction, I’d left two men who had truly cared for me with nothing too. I guess fighting for what you want isn’t always enough. Sometimes you actually have to deserve it.This wasn't my typical story, but I found myself really enjoying the ride. I was in the mood for something on the darker side, with a little more drama and angst. This anti-heroine-ish story of making mistakes and finding yourself in the aftermath really spoke to that mood. The spin-off based on a secondary character will be out in November. And the authors tell me that there will be a sequel, so I'm holding out for my happily ever after. My vote is Max. There's something about a reformed bad boy that I just can't resist. I could never do the sickly sweet guys, though Adam is practically perfect.3.5-4 starsCasting: Max Adam Lily*****Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!