Love Waltzes In  - Alana Albertson Set against the glitz and glamour of competitive ballroom dance Love Waltzes In was fraught with drama, scandal, and broken hearts. It read like a daytime drama and I completely ate it up in one sitting.Selena Marcil has given everything to her competitive ballroom dance career. She's given up love, her life, privacy, and even sugar to be the best. To win. Her life has become a series of competitions interspersed with airports and starring on the hit television series Dancing Under the Stars, where she competes with other dancers to train a celebrity guest star. But she's beginning to doubt if the fame and fortune is what she really wants from life. Has sacrificing her desire to have a family been worth it?Her first love and former dance partner, Bret Lord, hasn't danced since he left for basic training. After Selena broke of their engagement with a Dear John letter, the only time he saw her was when she made the news. When he is afforded the opportunity to dance on the show to earn money for a fallen comrade, he takes it, in spite of the fact that it'll mean seeing the woman who broke his heart. --Sidenote, before I begin I'd like to note that a couple of these characters and some of the events are actually based on real dancers, which blew my mother lovin' mind. Also, it's freaking cool if you read this and watch So You Think You Can Dance at the same time because, after speaking with the author, some of the characters are based on stars from that show as well as a judge or two. The author is a former competitor and boy does she have some juicyyyy stories ; ) -- To be honest, Selena and Bret's romance, though sweet and well written, took a complete backseat for me to the actual dance world. I was absolutely enthralled learning about the dance life. It's almost like an expose into the lives and love of a ballroom dancers life. They marry for green cards, teachers marry students, play musical beds. It's in.sane. They way they train, eat, live, dance, it's like a whole other world. Romantic and cutthroat at the same time. You did what you had to do. Nothing works out perfectly in the ballroom world. I love, love, loved the little snippets in between chapters. She spliced these descriptions about a particular dance as though the characters were doing them every few chapters. What I found so interesting was that the tone and style of dance completely matched the romantic arc of Selena and Bret. He gently caressed her arm. Shyly, she took his hand. Their feet traced the floor, as if they were ice-skating. Their bodies rose together. Unable to resist any longer, they climaxed. For a fleeting moment they experienced pure bliss. Then their bodies collapsed, with only the memory of their perfect moment remaining. Though I adored Selena and Bret's story, I am so flipping excited to read Vika's (one of Selena's costars on the tv show) in Waltz on the Wild Side, Book #2 in the series. The little teaser at the end of the story gives you an insight into Vika's cutthroat, take-no-prisoners mind and I love it. She makes no apologies for her behavior and I can't wait crazy things she's bound to do.