Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover A beautiful, poetic tale about love, loss, and family. It has everything: sweeping romance and angst, humor, touching characters and is one of the most unique I've read in a long time. If you haven't read it by now, you should! Layken and her family are moving to Ysplinti, Michigan six months after her father passes away from a heart attack. She's upset and not looking forward to the move. Not only because she's leaving her home, but because it's where she remembers her father the most. When they reach their new home she meets her new neighbor, Will Copper, who is as charming as he is handsome. They immediately hit it off and she doesn't think twice when he asks her out on a date. For the first time since her father's passing, she's feeling optimistic. Will takes her on an unforgettable date to watch people perform slam poetry. --I have to quote here, because it is the most amazing stuff I've ever read in my life.Death. The only thing inevitable in life.People don't like to talk about death because it makes them sad.They don't want to imagine how life will go on without them,all the people they love will briefly grievebut continue to breathe.They don't want to imagine how life will go on without them,Their children will still growGet marriedGet old..They don't want to imagine how life will continue to go on without themTheir material things will be soldTheir medical files stamped "closed"Their name becoming a memory to everyone theyknow.They don't want to imagine how life will go on without them, so instead of accepting it head on, they avoid the subject all together,hoping and praying it will somehow...pass them by.Forget about them,moving on to the next one in, they didn't want to imagine how life wouldcontinue to go on....without them.But deathdidn'tforget.Instead they were met head-on by death,disguised as an 18-wheelerbehind a cloud of fog.No.Death didn't forget about them.If only they had been prepared, accepted the inevitable, laid out their plans, understood that itwasn't just their lives at hand.I may have legally been considered an adult at the ageof nineteen, but still i felt very muchallof just nineteen.Unpreparedand overwhelmedto suddenly have the entire life of a seven-year-oldin my realm.Death. The only thing inevitable in life.After their date, Will has to go out of town. Layken spends the weekend in the clouds, overcome by her rapidly advancing affections for Will. By Monday, her first day of school, she's giddy with excitement at seeing him that afternoon. What she didn't know was about to slap her in the face.Will was her teacher.This is one of those books that I can read again, and again, and again, and again. It's powerful. It speaks to me on so many different levels, which adds to it's overall appeal. Layken is a little lost at the start of the book. She's missing her father, her hometown. She can't wait to leave Michigan. Then she meets a wonderful man, someone she can already feel herself falling for. When she finds out that they can't be together, she's crushed. It's so hard for them to deny the feelings developing between them when they are absolutely forbidden from dating. Will, a student who is teaching to support his younger brother, cannot afford to lose his job. After the death of his parents, he must finish school and maintain his employment and reputation so they can survive. There's no other choice. The poetry, man I loved all the poetry and I'm not really a poetry kind of girl, though slams have always been so powerful for me. Even without seeing them performed I can feel the emotion through the words and it makes me tear up every time. It's so emotional and vivid and adds this whole other layer to the over all story. Amazing. 6 starsCasting: WillLayken*****Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations!Join the Miss Construed Review's Facebook community!