Shards of Us by KR Caverly

Pulled from market.

When this book was first introduced to me, I was ecstatic. The synopsis was unlike anything I'd ever read and I was instantly hooked, as were many other readers. 

Unfortunately, the product wasn't what I expected it to be. The beginning was intriguing, but right off there were inconsistencies. I spent the majority of the plot confused, not knowing exactly what was going on and generally if a book is well executed you enjoy this 'what if' game, but that wasn't the case with Shards of Us. I was confused to the point where I didn't want to keep reading. I found myself getting so frustrated with the plot that I wanted to call it quits. 

I believe with some serious editing and plot doctoring, this could be amazing. There wasn't anything that made me sympathetic to Sebastian. I've read many captor/victim stories and most have allowed a connection to the person doing the abducting. Sebastian however, never explained anything aside from vague allusions to 'people' they were running from and just said they couldn't be together. It didn't make any sense. 

And Crystal, girl. No one would like that setup. Sorry. 

The entire conclusion was painfully obvious the whole time and though there was a twist there, it wasn't of the good kind. It was the kind that felt like a deus ex machina. Something just to end the book. 

I wanted to like this so bad. I was so excited. I hope that the author does some reworking and tries again. Wish her all the best. 

Also, it would have been 10 times better if there'd been no stalking of the girl, they spent more time on the hospital set up to build up some more suspense, take away that 'I won't sleep with you' stuff and rework the whole overused parent plot line.