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Whew! What a crazy hectic week here at the Miss's household. After uprooting from my sunny Florida home, I went and landed myself smack dab in the middle of a Kristen Ashley Colorado Mountain town! Seriously. Gorgeous (the views, not necessarily the men ;) )


Anywho, there are a lot of great deals going on this week (of course) I hope you find yourself a great book to curl up with and enjoy this lovely weather, wherever you are!


$0.99 Sales



Series Sales


Find You in the Dark Series


Find You in the Dark (#1)

Cloud Walking (#1.5, Novella about related characters)

Light in the Shadows (#2)




Just Human Series


Just Human (#1) on sale for $0.99

Still Human (#2) New release!


 Still Human (Just Human, #2)



The MC Sinners Series


Both books in The MC Sinners Series are on sale for $0.99


Hell's Knights (#1)

Heaven's Sinners (#2)



Mid-Life Love Series


Mid-Life Love (#1)

Mid-Life Love: At Last (#2)



Bullet Series - REDUCED!


Bullet (#1)

Rock Bottom (#2)



Breach Series - On sale for $0.99!


Breach (#1)

Dissolution (#1.5)

Infraction (#2)



Gemini Series


Gemini (#1) - on sale for $0.99

Jake Undone (#1.5) Spinoff $1.49



 Rook and Ronin Series


Tragic (#1) $0.99

Manic (#2) $0.99

Panice (#3) New Release




Sometimes Never


Sometimes Never (#1) $0.99

Blackbird (#1.5) FREE!

Before Now (#2) $0.99

Long After (#3) - New release!





New Releases






Preorder Price Drop - Now $5.69




Review Recap


Willing Captive by Belle Aurora. My review.


I love it when books catch me off guard. I totally went in to Willing Captive with no expectations and it completely blew me away with it's unique, snarky humor and entertaining story. Willing Captive is not a dark romance and is a standalone with a HEA.


“You’re not for the background.” Burying his nose into my hair he mutters, “You deserve center stage.”





Bold Tricks  (The Artists Trilogy #3) by Karina Halle. My review.


The perfect conclusion to an absolutely thrilling, bite-your-nails trilogy. Full of gun fights, angst, action, and romance told with only the unique style that Karina Halle can pull off. Who does Ellie choose? The sweetheart tattoo artist with an edge, Camden? Or the devil-may-care, slightly crazy, but also wickedly charming drug lord Javier?


I feared Javier and what he might do to Camden. I feared Camden and the way he’d changed toward me. I feared myself and the things I might do to try to make sense of it all. 


Manic (Rook and Ronin #2) and Panic (Rook and Ronin #3) by JA Huss.


Manic review. Panic review.


A distinct series that got better with each successive installment. Rook and Ronin's journey spans three novels and I couldn't stop reading. Set around the modeling industry, full of intrigue, action, and romance.


I'd never walk out on you, Rook. I'd fight for you every single time. I want you, I'd risk everything for you. 



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