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Cover Reveal: Hard Rock Improv by New York TimesBestselling Author Ava Lore

December 27

We are organizing the cover reveal tour for Hard Rock Improv by Ava Lore. Any blog may participate and posts are not restricted to top post. 


Rose Alton had her future all planned out: excel at her career, find love, make a family and get rich. Then she got fired. Now after years of 90-hour work weeks she's living out of her car and struggling to hold it together. Convinced she'll turn it around any day now, keeping up appearances is her highest priority, but when Manny Reyes, her sister's friend and drummer of the band The Lonely Kings, discovers her deception her secret is out... or so she thinks. 
To her surprise, Manny offers to keep her secret and invites her to Hawaii where the band is shooting their latest video. Rose hates to be anyone's charity case, but with nowhere else to go and needing a vacation she reluctantly accepts and is whisked away to the island paradise. 
Rose soon discovers Manny isn't like anyone she has ever met, rock star or not, Instead of lavish hotels, fine dining, and parties until the break of dawn, when not on the set Manny prefers illegal camping, playing for change, and smoking out with the local hobos on the beach, and as Manny's guest Rose is stuck tagging along. But as Manny teaches Rose how to slow down and break some rules, she realizes she can't control everything...least of all her heart.
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Blog Review Tour: Love Waltzes In


January 13 - 23


We are organizing a blog tour for Love Waltzes In by Alana Albertson, a contemporary romance novel. (It features a behind the scenes look at the life of a competitive ballroom dancer). This is a reviews only tour that will run from January 13 to January 23, 2014. There will also be giveaway opportunities at every stop. Review copies will be available in all ebook formats as well as Audible.




To her millions of fans, ballroom champion Selena Marcil seems to have the perfect life: a great dance partner, a hit reality show, and celebrity perks. But underneath the glamorous ball gowns, Selena longs to find someone to share her life with when the stage lights dim.


Selena’s childhood sweetheart, Bret Lord, hung up his dance shoes after winning two national titles with her as a teenager, and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He never saw his former fiancée  again, except on television and on the cover of men’s magazines. Fifteen years and three deployments later, Bret gets an offer to audition for Selena’s dance show. When the Marine Corps gives him temporary leave to appear on the show, Bret can’t refuse the quick cash that will enable him to provide financially for the widow of his buddy, even if it does mean coming face to face with his past.


When Bret shows up at her national championship, Selena is shocked. For years she searched for him to no avail. After spending time with Bret, Selena realizes despite their past romance, they have no future. He has no desire to live under a spotlight and she has no desire to leave it. Can Selena and Bret recognize when Love Waltzes In?


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Blog Review Tour: Love Waltzes In


January 13 - 20th


We are organizing a blog tour for the Teller of Destiny series by A.H. De Carrasco, a fantasy series geared towards young / new adults. There will be three tours, one for each novel. There will also be giveaway opportunities at every stop. Review copies will be available in EPUB format.



“I saw the dead king…burn,” Raphere whispered to the voices.

“Why would I see such a thing, if not to prevent it.”


Ever since spilling her blood before the Teller of Destiny, Raphere has tried to prove she is not like her mother, a dark sorceress. Some call her Jivasivar–savior; others, assassin. One thing is clear: everyone has a plan for Raphere. Few seem to care about what is best for her, only what she might gain or cost them.


Even the handsome mercenary, who fascinates and frustrates her, has secret plans he doesn’t wish to share. Ever watchful in the shadows, Rant Pae spies on her–probably for her mother, Verisa. Does Rant Pae wish to draw Raphere closer with his distance? If so, he is succeeding.


Searching for her purpose Raphere embarks upon a journey to find the white wanderer Tranquia and the Jivan Tome–the Divine Poem which promised Raphere’s emergence, centuries ago. She must discern friend from foe as all strive to manipulate her for their own designs. Does she have the conviction to be the Jivasivar or is she merely a pawn in a fight for the survival of both ancients and kings?


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Book Blitz: Unholy Nights, a Twisted Christmas Anthology

December 23rd


We are organizing a book blitz for December 23 for Unholy Nights, an anthology of paranormal, twisted Christmas novellas by a bevy of different authors. (It features spelled mistletoe, a mysterious man in the woods, love charms, enchanted snow globes, cursed presents, ghosts and more!). This is a book blitz that will run one day.


Anyone may sign up for the blitz. If you would also like a copy for review, please let us know in the following form.


For folks who like their Christmas a little twisted, seven tales of charms and magic, curses and intrigue… 

Featuring novellas from popular authors Linda Barlow, Andra Brynn, Carly Carson, Alana Albertson, Kara Ashley Dey, Nicole Blanchard and Cherie Chulick. 

A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Linda Barlow 
Thinking only of love and passion, college student Holly Mathers steals an enchanted kiss beneath bewitched mistletoe, but she finds that all magic comes with a price. 

In the Bleak Midwinter by Andra Brynn 
For Ayla MacFarlane, coming home for the holidays is a prison sentence. The old gods of the solstice still listen and can answer her prayers, but old gods require old sacrifices, and power is sometimes fed in the bloodiest of ways. 

Love Charm for Dakota by Carly Carson 
Into Cabot's sedate Nantucket world blows Dakota Bishop, possessor of a wild spirit and a magical love charm. Will Cabot succumb to her charm, or will Dakota's witchcraft boomerang on her? 

The Snow Queen by Alana Albertson 
A curse follows those who perform in the Cambridge Ballet's production of The Nutcracker--every year for the past five; a cast member has gone missing. Now cast as the Snow Queen, can Nieves Alba break the curse, or will she be yet another victim of America’s favorite ballet? 

How Lovely Your Branches by Kara Ashley Dey 
When a new neighbor and his three female companions take up residence across the road in the very house her friend had vacated four months ago, recluse Katie Crowe is intrigued. Gabe’s eyes hold a promise, a way out of her exile, if Katie can break free of the past and the haunting secrets that surround her. 

The Perfect Gift by Nicole Blanchard 
When faced with the reality of a negative bank balance and a failing marriage, Sera Flaherty finds she’s willing to sacrifice anything to fix her mistakes and find her husband the perfect gift…even if doing will cost more than she bargained for 

Until the Twelfth Night by Cherie Chulick 
Spending the holidays at an old countryside manor sounded like a good idea, but as rumors spread that the great house is haunted and sparks fly with a handsome houseguest, will Lady Elizabeth regret her decision? 
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